Saturday, February 3, 2018

The Memo

 The long-awaited memo has been released and it is very eye-opening as to what is happening in our government. There was collusion but it was the FBI and the Justice Department colluding against the Trump campaign.
  My question is how do these people in the hierarchy of the FBI and Justice Department still have their jobs?  They have really tarnished the reputation of the FBI and the poor rank and file members who work hard for us. It is time to clear all the  people involved out and fire them  immediately I don't care if they been there one day or 20 years clear them out.  The ones that broke the law should be brought to justice it doesn't matter who you are.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Presidential Candidates

 We have three top contenders in the Republican race for the president. Two of them are freshman senator's and one is an international businessman.  We have had seven years of a president who was a freshman center with no experience in life  are you ready to repeat that mistake again. On the other hand we have Donald Trump international businessman who has experience with dealing with world leaders,  businessman and professional politicians like Senator Rubio and Ted Cruz. Do you really want another professional politician in the White House ? I don't think so. The two senators are part of the problem and gridlock in Washington DC the American people are sick of it  now is time for a change from the status quo we now have in Washington DC. Remember  The political politicians owe their existence to big-time donors and lobbyist these people control them.  So stand up for America and support Donald trump for president of the United States nobody owns him he has a self funding campaign none of the others can make this claim.  Let us get on board the Trump Express  and roll over these political politicians on our way to the White House.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Senator Ted Cruz

 Senator Ted Cruz :  The Cruz campaign has already started it's dirty tricks in Nevada. I am sure there are more to come.  Ted Cruz is just your typical Washington politician and part of the established Republican Party. I agree with Donald Trump that he  is a man who does not tell the truth in most cases.  If you want typical corruption and gridlock in Washington DC you should  vote for Ted Cruz. If you want complete change  and rid ourselves of the professional politicians in Washington DC you vote for Donald Trump.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Senator Lindsey Graham

Watching Senator Lindsey Graham on Fox this morning I believe he has become unhinged. He went on a rant about Donald Trump said that he is not fit to be president, he was crazy, was a loon, is not a Republican.
Is this man fit to be a United States senator  The people of South Carolina must ask them self this question in the next election.He is an elite member of the good old boy network along with John  McCain and the entire Bush family they think they deserve to run this country they are professional politicians  members of the elite ruling class. Donald Trump comes along and their empire collapses they cannot believe it. The Trump express is now rolling through South Carolina on his way to the White House. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Trump Rally in Dallas, Texas

The Trump express rolled into Dallas, Texas, last night. Trump was greeted by  20,000 screaming supporters. There is no other Republican candidate that can muster crowds like this. Gov. Walker had a rally the other day and there were 110 people attending does this tell you something.

The American people are tired of the  professional politicians with their  scripted message and teleprompters.  Why would we want a candidate, who runs  all his remarks by focus groups  first.

Tomorrow night will be the second Republican debate  the established candidates   of the GOP  are preparing  for it meeting with  their focus groups  money men and  practicing  over and over  there  politically correct answers.

 What is Donald Trump doing to prepare?  He  is doing some good  old-fashioned campaigning!  Donald Trump  does not give scripted answers . He just calls it like it is.  All the  good old boy candidates  and  talking heads  such as Karl [ the butter bean] Rove,  Charles[ Mr. elite ] Krauthammer and  George [ the snob ] Wills   will be gunning for him.  the Trump express  will roll over them  with ease.

 What happened to Jeb I assume he is  still in the race  but but haven't heard much from him I think the Bush express  is still in the station.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Political Talking Heads

Every day on Fox news and other cable networks you see these talking heads, giving their opinions on the political landscape. Last night I watch Karl Rove with his little eraser board tell us why Donald Trump will not be elected president. How could he be a Fox news contributor when he is running a multimillion dollar super pack to elect the good old boy candidate for the Republican Party. He is obviously biased. Have you noticed most of these so-called political experts have backed the losing candidate. We have to take what they say with a grain of salt. Rove while of giving us his statistics did not mention the good old boy candidate Jeb Bush was only at 6%. They always say, 2016 is very far off, and we have a long way to go. Well, that works both ways. That gives Donald Trump more time to improve his unfavorable to favorable , and for Jeb to continue his fall in the polls.

To change the subject little bit do you realize  that every day Barack Obama  days as president  become fewer and fewer.  When he is gone with him  will go the crooked  Justice Department, IRS, and the Veterans Administration . I'm sure the new president  will clean house on this bunch  of politically correct  bureaucrats.. I don't think we will see the likes  of race baiting  Al Sharpton visiting the White House anymore  or these  anti-American Muslim groups   and radical clerics  or black lives matters, representatives  having a revolving door at the White House .  So stand up America let the silent majority be heard  and let us take back our government from these political  correct idiots  that we now have running our government.. They talk about the Latino vote and the black vote  will now it's time for the silent majority vote  that is registered to vote and throw the bums out!!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Who Won The Republican Debate?

Republican debate was the most-watched political event in recent history with more than 24 million people tuned in. It was very interesting and informing and  gave us some insight as how the candidates felt on many issues.

Let's face it most of the people tuned in to see Donald Trump  without him, I'm sure  there would not  have been as many viewers.  I really would have liked to seen  the moderators  asked Mr. Trump more questions  with substance like  how he would create more jobs, what was his plan to secure the border and  what would he do about the  deal with Iran. 

I think Marco Rubio was the big winner  in this debate . He has solutions to the problems  that faces country  and he came across well. I think we need a young fresh face   a person with a vision for tomorrow  not someone with  yesterday's ideas.   Would love to see debate  between  Rubio  and Hillary Clinton. Carly Fiorina  was the winner of the  five o'clock debate   the rest of the candidates  in the earlier debate  with her  should drop out of the race now  as they are clearly  losers . Their poll numbers did not go up  very much.  The next debate should be very interesting  providing  Trump is in it.