Friday, August 24, 2012

Nike Shoes

While watching the news on TV the other day it was announced that Nike would come out with a new shoe name for Lebron James. The basketball star.

The cost of this new shoe would be $315 a pair. In these hard times with people losing their jobs, houses being foreclosed, people on food stamps, and unemployment the price seems a little high to me. What is more mind-boggling is that the American public would pay the price for a pair of tennis shoes made in China with child labor that probably cost about $10 to make. I am not blaming Nike for the price they are just good business people it is the American people who purchase them that are the idiots. If a new cell phone or iPad is introduced these morons will camp out in front of the store for days just to get the first one.

Don't worry if you can't afford the pair of shoes for $315 . I understand President Obama is coming out with a new program so all people on food stamps can get a voucher for them you will probably have to camp out for one week in front of the shoe store.

Friday, August 17, 2012

VP Blunder

VP Joe Biden made another one of his speaking blunders this week when addressing a crowd of African-American. The vice president insinuated that the Republicans were going to put them all back in chains if they win the White House. This man is a complete moron!

There were also rumors this week that the Obama campaign was considering dropping the vice president from the ticket, adding Hillary Clinton but, she refused to become Obama's VP. Clinton has no interest in the office for vice president. She is a very intelligent woman and I'm sure she does not want her LEGACY to tie up with the failed presidency of Barack Obama.

Looking back, it is clear that she could have been a great president but, everyone was mesmerized by the teleprompter pro. Now, the choice is up to YOU if you re-elect the community organizer, who has run this country in the ground! Do you vote for a man who shout out "FAIR SHARE" and taking money from the hard working people and give some to those who does not work at all? Wake up!

Or would you vote for Gov. Romney who runs a successful business and who knows how to solve the economic problems? Take your pick! Do not just listen to the ADS! Go and do your research! Listen to both camps! Your VOTE is important to you, to your children and to your children's children so; decide wisely on this coming election.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Dirty Harry Reid

Dirty Harry Reid strikes again by proclaiming on the floor of the Senate that Mitt Romney has not pay taxes for the past 10 years.

Gov. Romney claims this is not true and he has paid all of the taxes required of him. When asked for the proof of his charges, Harry Reid said it was told to him by a credible source. He could not name them so; that's convenient huh? The reason that dirty Harry made the accusation on the Senate floor was because he cannot be sued for libel, what a slime ball! Nancy Pelosi made the comment and said, it must be true because dirty Harry said it.

The politicians think that the American public are completely stupid. It is time to show them our intelligence in November when we vote this "do-nothing" in the Congress out of office and Barack Hussein Obama along with them. By the way, dirty Harry Reid refuse to disclose his tax returns. hmmm...