Friday, May 11, 2012

Who Cares

The latest news being reported on the mainstream media or otherwise known as the Obama network is Romney is a bully.

It seems that the Washington Post has dug up a story that was 50 years ago while in high school at the age of 17 Gov. Romney bullied a young man by holding him down and cutting some of his hair off Wow, that really sounds bad.

The problem with the story as the day has worn on it begins to fall apart the first witness , who reported it has now admitted he didn't see it, and was not even their. The boy that this was supposedly happened to is now deceased , but his family says they don't think it is true because he never said anything to them about it.

Gov. Romney says he dose not remember the incident but if he did do it he was sorry at this time he was 17 years old. . Do you know how many crazy things people have done it the age of 17.

With many people out of work the unemployment rate at 8.1% people fighting to put food on the table losing their homes to foreclosure the Washington Post and the mainstream media seem to think this is an important story the reaction from the general public is Who Cares!!!!! If this really did happen why would such a teenage prank be newsworthy 50 years later? Goes to show you who's really in the tank for Obama.

. I think it is now time for us to investigate the relationship between Obama and Bill Ayers or how about the Rev. Wright , maybe the Washington Post could look into Obama's college days and some of the papers he has written you won't have to go back 50 years for this. Let us take a look at Tony Rezko a good friend of the president's now serving time in prison for extortion. We will be anxiously awaiting for these investigations to begin by the Washington Post and the mainstream media , but please don't hold your breath.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Spirit Airlines

While watching the news today, I saw a story about Spirit Airlines. According to the reporter the airline company had refused to refund the fair of $197 of a Vietnam veteran who was dying and was advised by his doctors that he could not fly. The reason given was he did not purchase the $14 insurance policy that was offered to him at the time of purchase.

The CEO of the company responded by phone to the network , who broke the story. He replied that they would not refund the money as it was their company policy the ticket was nonrefundable. I guess that is their right under the law. It looks like they would've had a little compassion in this case. This airline , according to the FAA is the most complained about airline in the United States. I can understand why. They also announce that they will be charging $100 for any carry-on baggage that has to be stored in the overhead bins. Now, I think is the time for the traveling public to let them know what we think about their policy and their fees. The best way to do this is simply do not fly on Spirit Airlines . I think they will get the message. There are many fine airlines out there to choose from so why choose an airline like Spirit , whose company policy is we do not give a damn about our customers and are trying to figure out new ways to screw over you.