Friday, September 21, 2012

White House of Denial

The White House seems to be in a state of denial. They keep insisting the attacks on our Embassy in Egypt and Libya, were the result of a video made in the United States.

The Obama army of liars march on the Sunday talk shows  , all shouting and screaming the talking points of the Messiah. But now we are in cover up mode. It has been proven that the attacks in Libya were actually an attack by Al Qaeda  planned in advance. President Obama couldn't wait to take credit for killing   Osama bin Laden , but he is strangely quiet now that Al Qaeda  has made their next move by killing our  Ambassadorial to Libya.

It also has been reported that Hillary Clinton was on Capitol Hill lobbying for more aid money to give to these Middle Eastern countries.   Any Congressman or Sen. , who votes to give aid money to any of these Muslim nations will be voted out of office immediately once it is known by the American people.
 So we say to the White House come out of your Monica Lewinsky syndrome , which is complete denial about anything that is obvious and join the real world.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Terrorist Attack in Libya

While watching news reports on the attack of our consulate in Libya . I was very disappointed to learn that the administration of Barack Hussein Obama claims the attack was sparked by a video made in the United States.

This is a most ridiculous explanation I have heard. The real truth of the matter is this was a planned terrorist attack by Al Qaeda  with over 50 people participating in it. The timeline shows there was no demonstration going on when the consulate was attacked.  More information has come out that the leader of the assassination of our ambassador was a member of Al Qaeda who was released from  Guantanamo  in Cuba and return to Libya.

So instead of making ridiculous claims . The administration of Barack Hussein Obama should immediately seek retaliation on Al Qaeda in Libya  there are training bases for the terrorist groups located there we could start by bombing them off the face of the earth.
There were also clear pictures  taken of the assassin  we have the  ability to hunt them down and kill them so no matter how long it takes we should do it. There should be an investigation into why a  United States Ambassador did not have proper security on 9/11those responsible should be terminate.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Coming Home

Today I watched a very moving and sad return of four brave Americans returned home from our Embassy in Libya, where they were assassinated.

This was a very moving experience watching the caskets removed from the plane. While the Marine band played the appropriate music. The president of the United States Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made the appropriate remarks that described these brave heroes. The United States has truly lost for brave native sons that gave their life defending this country. All Americans are grieving with these families at the loss of their loved ones. They have now come home and will rest in peace. I know we will bring to justice the assassins, but it doesn't ease the pain right now.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Commander-In-Chief

On September 11, American consulates and embassies in Libya and Egypt came under attack. To this day the attacks have spread to Yemen, Tunisia and other Mideast countries.

With all of this unrest in the Middle East you would think the president of the United States Barack Hussein Obama would be in Washington communicating with the Pentagon on how to stop further attacks. Unfortunately that is not the case. After a short speech in the Rose Garden about the death of our ambassador and three diplomatic aides, Mr. Obama stopped by the State Department for a quick visit and then was on his way to Las Vegas for a fundraiser . He didn't even take the time to go to the daily security briefing that would've given him more information on this situation. I do not call this leading from the rear. I think it's running as fast as you can to get away. After all, the administration has apologized to the Muslim world through the State Department, what more do you want him to do? I do not think president Barack Hussein Obama deserves the title Commander-in-Chief, I think it should be Apologizer In Chief. We have a chance in less than 60 days to elect a real president. Please go out and vote.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Egyptian boycott

There is a way to strike back at the terrorist that stormed our embassy in Cairo, Egypt, on September 11. If you have a trip planned to Egypt. It may be in your best interest to call it off immediately. I know it's your dream vacation, but is it worth getting murdered over. The United States cannot guarantee your safety in this country the Obama administration can even defend our embassy. Where was the CIA don't you think they should've saw this coming? So for your family safety. I urge you to call off your trip to Egypt, they are many places you may enjoy better such as Europe, the Caribbean, Asia, just to mention a few.

All Americans should write their congressman and demand that we cut off all foreign aid to Libya and Egypt and any Muslim country that supports them. Congress has the power to do this. We don't need permission from the Messiah Pres. Barack Hussein Obama.

After giving a short speech in the Rose Garden of the White House with Hillary Clinton by his side president Hussein Obama couldn't wait to get on the campaign trail again. I thought he was supposed to be the Commander-in-Chief. I guess I was mistaken. He must be leading from behind again. In 60 days or less. We have a election we can dump this so-called president and elect a proper one that will be on the job at all times.

Act of War

On September 11, 2012 the United States was attacked by Egypt and Libya. An Egyptian mob attacked the American Embassy in Cairo. They breach the wall and tore down the American flag to replace it with an Islamic flag. In Libya it was worse the American consulate was attacked by Libyan citizens was completely destroyed the ambassador and three other diplomats were assassinated Libyan security forces seem to stand by and do nothing. If this is not an act of war I don't know what is. The president of the United States Barack Hussein Obama made a statement this morning that he will trust the government of Libya to bring these people to justice in other words, we will do nothing remember, what is written in the Koran. It is permissible to kill nonbelievers . So don't expect the Libyan government to hunt down there Muslim brothers and bring them to any kind of justice. It seems like the Obama administration is only good at apologizing for our country. It's about time they stood up it. Aren't you tired of hearing about Muslims rights and the same old BS coming out of the White House from Pres. Barack Hussein Obama. I know I am. Before the president left the podium, a reporter yelled out a question wasn't this an act of war. He totally ignored it. What we have here is a total lack of leadership by the Obama administration in less than 60 days we'll have a chance to rectify this situation by voting out our Muslim president.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Chicago Schools

The teachers union in Chicago are on strike. The lowest teacher on the pay scale in Chicago makes $71,000 a year and has $17,000 in benefits. The school system is one of the worst in the country and out of 100 students only three make it to college.

They are now demanding a 35% raise , plus more benefits . Do you feel sorry for them? D you feel like they deserve a 35% raise? They also do not want to be held accountable for the performance of their students. This is the result of unions running wild in this country. President Obama says he will not weigh in on the controversy and will remain neutral . That's not what he did in the union controversy in Wisconsin when they tried to recall Gov. Scott Walker . He was all for the unions now the cat seems to have his tongue. The real reason is he does not want to offend the union bosses, who supply campaign funds and workers. According to the guest registration book at the White House union bosses have visited more than anybody else they seem to have a revolving door in and out.

Mayor Raum Emanuel of Chicago does not send his children to the public schools of Chicago they are in private schools that should tell you alot.

Accomplishment of Islamic Countries

The Islamic countries have come a long way in the last 1000 years. They have many accomplishments to be proud of listed below are just a few. Afghanistan, and Iran are the countries that the lead the way.

They have mastered the art of how to hate for 1000 years. This is taught in the schools hate 101. They have mastered the art of using outdoor toilets. They have mastered the art of wiping their ass with the hand. They have mastered the art of beating their wife. They have mastered the art and are extremely good at stoning people. They have mastered the art of cutting off a head. They have mastered using the head , for a soccer ball , especially in Afghanistan. They have mastered blowing up each other with car bombs. They have mastered talking some idiot into doing it. They have mastered how to go without taking a bath for years. Listed here are just a few of there, accomplishments , doesn't it make you want to go jump on a plane and visit them to learn more , contact your travel agent for package deals and discounts.

Sunday, September 9, 2012


Wall Mart stock is selling for approximately $72 a share. The last time that I checked this is very good.

You must remember that Walmart is only interested in the bottom line which is to make as much profit as possible. I think this is good if it is not on the backs of their customer. If you walk through the store you will see many products made in China. Many of them inferior to products made in the USA. I would also caution you to be very careful when purchasing food items such as chicken and beef imported by Walmart from China. The sanitary condition in China are ferociously bad their standards do not meet ours. To be safe it would be better to buy beef and chicken products produced in the USA , you will at least know what you are getting the choice is up to you.