Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Time to change them all

It seems like this country cannot move forward as long as we have the same old your faces in government.

Every day you hear about how we are boged down in Congress or the House of Representatives this is telling me that we really do need to make a big change in the coming election. Not only with the do-nothing president but also with members of Congress orthe House who I hate to say are even worse than the sitting president. These people just don't get it or they don't care it is time for us to show them that we do. The only way to do this is totally throw all of them out and vote for some new blood that has the interest of the country at heart. The members of government that we have now are strictly looking out for themselves just look at their stock portfolios. They seem to go in office poor and come out millionaires. They do not want to compromise with each other and they offer some flimsiest excuse as to why not we are tired of this. So this election let us make a clean sweep and get rid of all of them things couldn't get any worse and probably would be better with a whole new slate of elected officials.