Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Seven Hours Of Hell

We have now learned that the State Department knew within two hours that the consulate in Libya was under a terror attack within two hours.

There is more information coming out every day as to what really happened in Libya.. The consulate was under attack for seven hours . No action was taken to help them. You remember in the debate Joe Biden , vice president of the United States said they did not know what was happening they were not informed. It now comes out they knew within a few hours exactly what was happening.

What is very puzzling is why help was not sent there are bases in Italy that are only one hour flight away from Libya.  They could have sent a rescue team that would have helped as the attack lasted seven hours.  In the very least they could have sent jets from our bases in Italy or Spain.

There is an e-mail  that came out yesterday that stated the State Department contacted the White House and inform them immediately that there was an attack on our consulate in Libya. it went to over 200 people in government , but Joe  Biden  didn't know anything about it.  This looks like , it's going to be a cover-up tell after the election.  Isn't it ironic  we still do not have answers as to what happened at our consulate what a dishonor to our ambassador  and the three  State Department workers who died with him.