Monday, August 31, 2009

Harry Reed Run Harry Run

Yes, run Harry run and you better be fast as the people of Nevada would like to catch you. With a 13% unemployment in the state, Reed is behind in the poles. He has called the citizens who attended the town hall meetings as the "Evil Mongers". That is not a smart move Harry! Reed did not hold his own town hall meeting but instead, he had a Tele-Town-Hall meeting. I think, the evil mongers were after him. So, run Harry Run because in 2010 ,we will run you OUT.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Brown Shirts

Adolf Hitler formed his own private army. They were called Strumabte lung or brown shirts.

  • Mr. Obama wants to form his own private army also. He wants to form a National Security force made up of civilians. It will be just as powerful as the military and as well funded.

Hitler's brown shirts roamed the streets beating up those who opposed Hitler. They also organized marches and rallies.

  • Obama has Acorn which organizes rallies and marches for him. Acorn was very clear on their support for President and that was Obama. They have been given millions of dollars from our government.

Hitler encouraged people to turn in people who were disloyal to the Reich.

  • Obama has the snitch line. Just email the White House if you suspect someone of something fishy.
The brown shirts were replaced by the SS. We all know what terrible deeds they did.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

National Day Of Service

This is the new name for 9/11 according to the Obama administration. My question is, what was wrong with just 9/11 which is the day the U.S. was attack by Muslin Terrorist? Oh excuse me, we are not suppose to use the word terrorist anymore. Another Obama rule, I have just broken. I hope, He don't send the brown shirts after me. On 9/11, we lost 3000 Americans and I want to honor them and remember these victims of terrorist in the proper way by showing respect for them. Not in a day of service! Sounds like we should go out and change a light bulb or pick up trash. The victims of 9/11 were murdered in cold blood by a well plan terrorist plot. If Mr. Obama and the people who pushed this bill think we are going to sit around, hold hands and sing kumbaya, they are so wrong! They do not know the American people will feel the backlash of their actions in 2010.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Al Zawahiri Speaks

The number two man of Al Qaeda speaks out on the military operations in the Swat valley. This bozo, predicted the actions for that area will fail. My question is: why do we want to listen to anything this clown has to say? He is just a bitter old man living in a cave. Zawahiri wants to keep the people under His control in the dark ages. It is easy for Him to sit in the cave and order the young men to go die for Al Qaeda's foolhardy dreams. Wake up, the world has pass you. We have indoor plumming and electric lights already. We do not want to go back to the old outhouse! Despite what Zawahiri predicted the Pakistani army has taken control of the Swat Valley,and to add, ice cream on the cake was what killed Taliban leader Baitulla. I have a suggestion for Al and Ben, stay in your cave and move the outhouse inside. We are coming for you. Keep looking over your shoulders! Have a nice life!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Giant Snakes In Florida

In the first part of July, you might remember seeing a report on TV about a giant snake killing a small child in her bed. How could this happen you ask yourself? The answer was: the boyfriend of the baby's mother was keeping a Burmese Python in a cage in the home. He also has another large snake kept there. This is the height of stupidest. You would have to be a Moron to do something like this! Well, both He and the Mother will have to pay for their careless acts. On Monday, both were charged with Manslaughter,Third Degree Murder,and Child Abuse. We really don't need a trial for these clowns. Put them in a small room with the largest Burmese Python you can find and leave them there. Justice will be done!

There is a problem with these large snakes in South Florida. Mindless idiots can buy this kind of snake at a flea market for a small amount of money. The snakes are small at the time. They grow large very fast. When it is to a point they can not handle them anymore, the snake is dumped in the Everglades or worst a local swamp nearby. Between 2002-2005, about 200 of these snakes have been captured. It is estimated there could be 30,000 of the reptiles in South Florida. The largest of these snakes was measure at 16ft. weight 150lb. A Python this size has an enormous appetite.

Come on my friends, with alligators, bears, sharks,and panthers in Florida, do we need Pythons to? The bad news as what experts say, the snakes reproduce so fast that they could migrate to all the Southern States. So if you live in AL,MS, GA,or LA, you might want to look carefully when you go outside. Good luck and have a nice life.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Credit Laws

Starting the first of April there are new federal laws passed to curve the credit repair companies from ripping off the consumers.

1. Talking money from consumers before services are fully performed.
2. Must be a written contract with full disclosure.
3. Must list all services such as cost and time it will take.
4. There is a three day cooling off period with a right to cancel. Any contract that does not comply with the law will be void.

So buyers, beware when you are told that a company can erase bad credit. Make a new credit identity for you or clean up your credit history. Good luck and have a nice life.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Credit Repair

I know you have seen adds on TV about how you can repair your credit. Many of the adds are deceptive. They promise to clean up your credit report and increase your credit score. They will go so far as to say certain transactions that would affect your score and will be erased. Of course this is not true and it is just part of the con.There are some good news on this front. Starting April first, a new federal law has been passed outlawing these bogus claims. These companies target people who are out of work,or deep in debt because of medical bills. They charge hundreds of dollars for their services but it is just a rip off. Tomorrow we will examine the new law in depth. Have a nice life.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Blogger's Identity Revealed

Google was forced to reveal the identity of Blogger Rosemary Port by the court. Ms. Port had called model Liskula Cohen a skank and ho. She did this anonymously on her blog. Now, Port wants to sue Google for $15 MILLION DOLLARS because Her name was revealed. If you want to attack a person on your blog stand up and put your name on it don't hide under your rock and do it anonymously. Why do you want to blame Google? You are the one who did it. She said, google violated her right to privacy. What about Ms. Cohen's rights? Have you ever heard of slander? If not, I am sure she will know it in the near future. This is only my opinion. She got what you deserved by being outed! If you don't have the guts to put your name on it don't write it. As far as lawsuits go, I have a feeling that one is going to be coming on her way real soon. Think before you write Ms.Anonymously. Have a nice life.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Loans To Brazil Are They Crazy

The U.S. is going to guarantee two billion dollars in loans for the Brazilian Oil Company Petrobras. This is the beginning of what was guaranteed of lines of credit to U.S. companies so they can bid on contracts. Of course, if a Brazilian company defaults on the loans, the U.S. will be left holding the bag. These loans will allow the company from Brazil to drill offshore from their country. I ask myself why the administration would do this? They are against offshore drilling in this country, remember?
This question was ask to Mr. Gibbs, the White House Press Secretary. He answer was that he was unaware of the issue, as he had not seen the story on it. But, I will give you my best guess on this matter. After the further investigation on this, we learned that George Soros, a very big finical supporter of Obama had bought and sold millions of shares of stock in Petrobras. This was done before the disclosure of the credit guarantees. Now, it makes sense already that this is the "payback time" for Mr.Obama.
So, while you are out there trying to make your house payment, car payment or just put food on the table, they are relaxing in a cozy place. The old George is sitting back, counting His profit. The bottom line here is that, this transaction stinks. Please think about the back door under the table deals when its time to vote again. Starting next year when these crooks ask for your vote. Remeber this moment! When we vote them out, this will be "Change we can believe in." Have a nice weekend.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Breaking News: News Flash

News Flash-Big News- Stop The Press!

Wow Michelle Obama was seen getting off the Air Force One In

Shorts!!!! Oh My God!

This was the big news on the Today Show on NBC. Lee Cowan, a reporter for the network did a special report on it. Mat Lauer defended Michelle's wearing of the shorts by saying she was just on a vacation and it was very hot. But he is just a lapdog for the administration anyway so, you have to take what he says with a grain of salt. The point I am trying to make is that people are out of work, losing thier homes and can't pay their bills and are trying to put food on the table.
Get a life and come back into the real world NBC.

Universal Health Plan

This is a great name for the Obama health plan, Universal Health Plan. The reason is that the plan does cover the Universe. They have everybody in there even illegal immigrants. Wow.... what a great guy! He said it would be ok to treat illegals at the emergency rooms under the plan. I don't have a problem with that. After their treatment, they have to go back to the bus and deport them back to their country. Also, send their country the hospital bill. Have a nice life.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Michael(Obese)Moore Campaigning For Health Care

Well, our old friend Michael Moore is at it again. He is campaigning for the Obama health plan. Mr. Moore should be careful if this plan would pass because he could be in serious trouble. The health panel would probably tell him to lose 150lbs. before he could receive a treatment! Mr.Moore did like the health plans in Cuba. Why not move there Michael? He seems to blame the world's problem on George Bush.

Michael, Bush is no longer part of the problem it is your President now who is in control. Moore says, Texas is not part of the U.S. Wow! Why not move there Mike. On the second thought, that might not be a good idea for you. Good for us but not you! Moore said, he was teaching his kids to never trust people from Texas.

He also is worried about global warming. My friends the hot air that comes out of Mr. Moore's mouth will melt more ice than any polluted ever could. Well we have wasted enough time on this chubby blow hard. Have a nice life.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

World Police

I will ask you this question: Why does the U.S. always have to be the world police? It is time for us to stop. Let these countries that have civil strife settle their own problems. Most of them have been fighting each other for hundreds of years especially in the Middle East. We need to stop meddling in the internal affairs of these countries. If they are a threat to us then, we need to practice this strategy. Kill your opponent and get out. It is time for the rest of the world to stand on their own and take care of their own problems! To reach this goal, we must quit buying oil and gas from other countries. There are plenty of sources here in our own land. Let us take care of America. The world can take care of itself, if they can't.... so be it. Enough already! Too many Americans died in foreign lands. If these old men who start these wars, had to fight them we would not have war at all. Have a nice day.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Payback Is Hell

Well, it is true that payback is hell! Mrs. Clinton is now finding this out when she tried to put one of her political buddies Mr. Blumenthal on the payroll at the State Dept. This was shut down by the Chief Of Staff Emanuel because of Blumenthal's actions in the primary against Obama. I understand that Mr.Emanuel was demoted when he was in the Clinton White House. Mrs.Clinton seemed to think that he was too aggressive. I wonder what she is thinking now? I understand that he likes to use profanity when talking to the people who have to answer to him. He will also find out later in life that payback is hell. In his case, it will probably be in three more years when Obama is out of office. It is not a bad job being the ax man until you are the one who gets the ax.

Monday, August 17, 2009


I do not have a problem with someone criticizing Sarah Palin but, not if they are guilty of the same offense. Maureen Dowd says Palin is a person who disregards facts. It would appear that she plagiarize a paragraph from a blogger and it was done accidentally according to Ms. Dowd. I would say, this is a disregard of the facts also Maureen! What can you say?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

What Can You Do?

There are about 27 million people enslaved around the world. Trafficking brings in about $30 million dollars annually around the world.

If you live in the Philippines and suspects someone of trafficking, please call one of the hot lines below.

Commission of Human Rights
63(0) 2-928-7240

Dept Of Foreign Affairs

For any other countries just leave a comment and I will send you the hot line number.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Hate Mongers Of MSNBC

Who are the hate mongers of MSNBC? An easy answer for they are on tv every day.
  • Let us start with Chris Matthews- as you remember him said: He got a tingle up and down his leg when Obama speaks? WOW. Matthews likes to play the race card on his guest if he did not agree with their stand. On the show last Wednesday, he said that the people in the town hall meetings did not like Obama because he is black. That is a big LIE! Come on, it was the white people in this country that elected Obama in the first place. It is clear that Matthews is in the tank for the White House because he never had a different opinion from them.
  • Ed- the host of the "Ed Show" this time. I guess he was suppose to be the answer to Glen Beck but does not measure up to the task. He, along with Lawrence O'Donnell just repeat the talking points of the left. It is clear that they are just pondering to the White House. They also never disagree with the administration.
  • K.Olberman- Now, he is really a class act. I think, he was fired from ESPN...remember? What a nice guy! Try to watch his show and he always level down Fox news. I could not figure out why until I read that he did work with them at one time. Did he get fired from Fox also? He is just another talking head for Mr. Obama. The poor man is just full of rage and hate. The man hates Bush ,Palin ,Fox,O'Reilly and he is actually "The Worse Person In The World."
  • Mat Lauer is one of the hosts on the "Today Show". This poor clown is like a little puppy by the White House. All he can do is just follow the talking points given to him by NBC. Where in the world is Mat Lauer? I don't know! But, I wish he would stay there!
So there you have it. The hate mongers but don't just take my word for it, watch their show and you will be the judge.

Friday, August 14, 2009

T- Nonimmigrant Visa

If you are a victim of human trafficking, there is a Visa you can apply for to enter the U.S. It is known as the T-visa. This Visa offers protection to victims of severe cases of trafficking. You will need to file form I-914 and you will also be permitted to file an Employment form I-765. The victim will also be allowed to stay in the U.S. to assist the Federal authorities in the prosecution of the trafficker. You may get more information on this program by going to the USCIS web site.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The United States

The U.S. is a country of transit and destination. Between 14,000 and 17,000 people most of them women and children are trafficked to our shores each year. This problem has gotten so bad that Congress passed the Trafficking Victims Protection Act. This Bill protects victims from: Forced Labor, Domestic Service, Sweatshops and Sexual Exploitation. I don't think most Americans are even aware of this problem. But yes, in the land of milk and honey these unthinkable acts are going on even as you read this. So if you suspect or see Human Trafficking please call 1-888-3737-888, this is the Angel Coalition hot line in America for reporting Trafficking.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

South Africa/ Sex Trade

The child sex trade business is a growing problem in South Africa. The city of Cape Town seems to be one of the centers for this crime. Children as young as eight years old are sold for a small pot of food that will feed the rest of the family. Yes, believe it or not they are sold by there own parents! Many children are abducted from there homes or again sold by their parents. Many school girls trapped by the situation because they have been abandoned by their family and have no way to support themselves. Many are beaten into submission.

If you have any information on missing children in South Africa please call this number 072-6477-464, let us help to stamp out this problem!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Philippine Island: A Paradise

Yes, the Philippines is a paradise to most people but not if you are one of the 375,000 women and girls sold into the sex slave market. A trafficker earns $3500-$4500 dollars for each woman sold on the international sex trade market. Their ages range between 15 and 20 years of age, some as young as 12. The younger they are, the more money they are worth. Some of these teenage girls are not forced into this but go of their own free will. This is because they come from poor rural Provinces with no education and no hope for a better life. This is sad. Over 140,000 victims are shipped to Japan with the promise of a good job. Some where between 10-20 women a day are sent to Hong Kong with again the promise of a better life. I know when you are reading this you say how could they believe these lies, right? But, you must remember some of them are desperate to improve their living condition! These victims have nothing, sometimes not even food to eat or a roof over their head.

Just one more note, there are agency in the U.S. and countries around the world that sell sex tours to the Philippines and many places in Asia. How sick are these people? What rock did they crawl out from under? There is a special place in HELL for them! Taking advantage of these poor people! My only hope for this human traffickers is that, one day they will be caught and put into jail for life.

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Vietnam Nightmare

Thousands of Vietnamese women are kidnapped and taken to the China border to Cambodia and are sold to brothels. The going price a few years ago was $450-$550 for a young girl age 16 or younger. It is estimated that out of 53000 prostitutes 1/3 of them are under 18.

Hundreds of women and children are sold each year to Europe,China,Cambodia and Macau. These poor women are led to believe they are going to a good job in another country. Many are just kidnapped and others thought they are going to be in an arranged marriage. In 2006, one million children were exploited in the global sex trade. The source for these numbers is from the U.S. State Dept.

The Demand for younger victims are worldwide and there is no shortage of buyers. For more information you may contact the Coalition Against Trafficking In Women.

Jimmy (One Term) Carter.

Just a short note about our former President Jimmy(one term) Carter. I was reading an article written by one of His Secret Service agents today. He was not a well-liked President by his presidential guards, according to this agent. He was in fact hated by them. Some of the reasons given was that:
  • He had contempt for the agents;
  • He doesn't want to speak to them in the morning;
  • He told them not to speak or look at Him when he was walking to the Oval Office;
  • He doesn't want them to say good morning.
So, An agent who drove the limo for Him for about seven months said that Carter never spoke to Him the entire time. I guess the peanut farmer was above all that. I had more respect for his beer drinking brother Billy than for Carter because at least he knew where His roots were from . This will give you some insight into why He was a ONE TERM President! Please stay down on the farm Jimmy!


Our leaders in Washington are really in there own little world. Obama has called for us to shut up and get out of the way. Nancy Pelozi says we are Un-American. They have left their safe zone inside the beltway and don't like what they see out here in the real America. They will spread lies and spin just to protect their Messiah for whatever it takes. The judgement day will soon be at hand for these clowns. The day of reckoning is also at hand for their boot lickers at MSNBC. That day will be the election day in 2010 when we throw the bums out and 2012 for Obama! If He last tell 2012 though. There are some movement are already calling for an impeachment. So take your time and think what is happening to this country of ours. Have a nice life.

Preview Coming Soon

In the next few days we will have more on Human Trafficking issues. I have my readings about Vietnam,Philippines and South Africa. What does Human Traffickers look for in a person?

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a very beautiful city. They have the Great Buddha and the Peak of a spectacular view. But there is also a dark side to this great city. In Hong Kong, you human trafficking is rampant, as there is no law prohibiting it. There are some city ordinance that give the police power to take some action. Hong Kong is a place for Human Traffickers and also a transit point for them to move there human cargo for sexual exploitation. Most of these poor people are from China and Southeast Asia. In all fairness, many Prostitutes come to Hong Kong willingly beyond their knowledge. The ones that don't are enticed by telling them they will be going to jobs as receptionist or entertainers. Now, you are asking yourself how could someone fall for this line? Well, if you are living in conditions that are very primitive, you have little education and no skills. A Human Trafficker comes and will give them an airline ticket and free hotel in Hong Kong. A way out of poverty of life. Most of these people are naive and desperate and they agree. They have just sign up to be a sex slave with out knowing it. They are promised a work permit when they arrived in Hong Kong. How about Human Trafficking of women and children in Vietnam? That will be my next topic.

Human Trafficking

When you think of Human Traffickers, places like Hong-Kong,Indonesia,and different places in Asia come to your mind. But do you know what is one of the top destination in the world for Traffickers? Well, believe it or not according to the news it is California. Why, you might ask yourself? One of the main reason is the location that is so close to the Mexican border and is easy access to the U.S. Another reason is that there are so many migrant workers coming and going in and out unnoticed. How dose a person end up a victim of this? You may ask this kind of question. One is that they were kidnapped; another is they promised them a good job here in the U.S, or promise a Green Card. Remember, most of these poor people do not speak or write English and do not have a formal education. They are just looking for a better life for themselves for their family. These are reality that we need scrutinized. Fight against this dark under world of slave trade. In the days to come we will go deeper in this sick world. Have a nice life.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Arrogant, this is the only word that comes to my mind when describing the actions of our President. "Stop talking and get out of the way", these are His own words in the weekly radio address to the country.

So, it is clear how He fells about the people in the town hall meetings asking questions about this health care plan.I think the true Obama is coming out and it is not good.

Mr.Obama wants us to stop talking. When he was running for Presidency, he wanted to TALK to Iran,N.Korea,Taliban,Chavez and Castro to better understand them. But now, He does not want to hear us. WE ARE A MOB according to the White House.

Now, I will give you the definition of a mob. Mob(noun)-Acorn,Move on,Union Thugs and MSNBC. These are also mobs of people who do not want you to be heard. Another Mob that does not want to hear from you is made up of N.Pelozi,H Reid and B.Frank. They are losing public support and are getting desperate.

We have a Democratic liberal majority ruining our country now. But, we can CHANGE that soon 2010 is just around the corner. Then the MOB will take charge.

Human Traffickers

On Monday, I will began to give a series of commentary on Human Trafficking problem in the US, Africa and Asia. I was reading the news about it and I am so sad about these things happening around in the world. Visit my blog next time.This issue is really alarming and shocking. I hope, everyone of us would take care of each other. Let us build a better world.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

More Good Terrorist News!

Today I was going to blog about Obama and His health plan. Just coming over the wires now is the good news that another well know terrorist had bit the dust! Hats off to the Indonesian police, it is believed they have killed Noordin Mohammad Top. He is believed to be killed in a gun battle in Java today. We will know for sure next week when the DNA results come back. Let us hope that this happy warrior has gone to meet Allah. This scum was involved in the Bali bombings that killed 200 people and the hotel bombings in the capital city of Jakarta. He was a member of the Jemaah Islamiyah terrorist network. I hope he is on his way to Hell. I hope he meet some of the soul He killed on the island of Bali. They might want to have a word with Him.I say congratulations to the Police of Indonesia for a job well done!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Another Good Terrorist Meets Allah!!

The U.S. has made another dream come true it has helped Baitullah Mehsud meet Allah! Mehsud was taken out on Thursday by a missile. This wonderful person was involved in the murder of Pakistani Prime Minister Benazid Bhutto. He also was accused of bombing the Marriott Hotel in Islamabad and organizing terrorist cells in Barcelona,Spain. Do we fell bad about His death? HELL NO! In two short years, he has climbed up the Jihad Ladder very fast. OPS, looks like he just had a nasty fall. We hope Mr.Mehsud is now enjoying his time in Paradise.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Planted And Fakes

I was watching TV the other day and there she is, the Speaker Of The House telling the reporters that the people showing up at the town meetings were planted and fakes. She said, those people were carrying the Nazi flag Really? Carrying flags? Wow! If this is the party line then, I tell you that the Obama health care bill is in trouble. Voters, please remember these comments next year when you vote. Have a nice life!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Well, the old Chicago machine is getting warmed up now when the White House is calling the folks attending the town meetings as mobs. The people who raised questions such as: what is in the Bill and if the Congressman even read it was called mobs. What about the public option? This time, if you ask these questions you are a mob! Robert Gates, White House press secretary said the folks at the meetings were giving out disinformation. Talk about spin is it? In a recent poll, there are 42% of the people in this country does not want the Obama health plan or House Bill 3200. Wake up Congress! The 2010 is just around the corner. Answer the inquiries thrown at you by the so called" folks" in the meetings or you may not have to worry about going to congress anymore as a representative of the people.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I would like to say congratulation to Bill Clinton first, for going to North Korea and securing the release of the two reporters Laura Ling and Euna Lee. A great job Mr. Clinton. Well done!!

Now, MSNBC you are really in the tank for Obama, right? I was watching the ED show today. Ed's replacement was reporting on the town meetings. He was trying to spin the fact that the people in the town meetings were planted and were just there to cause problems. Give me a break MSNBC! You are going to see how wrong you really are in 2010. I was watching some of the meetings and I belive that they were truly mad about the health care plan. You are so far in the tank for Obama but you will find this out next year. So, will Mr. Obama HE will be the next Jimmy Carter? A one term? Probably!

Where Is The Change?

Just to let you know that our government is spending so much now instead of saving. Have you not seen the truth yet? Come out of your shell and start voicing out, where is the CHANGE? Change should be for the better and not change to make us fall under the pit. JOBS? We are a country called the LAND OF MILK AND HONEY, is it? Was it! That is the fact. People looking for job, end up NOTHING for months. Where is the Change?