Friday, September 30, 2011

Death from Above

American-born terrorist Anwar al Awlaki learned firsthand what death from above means. It was confirmed that the CIA directed attacks on the terrorist leader and took him out by firing two hellfire missiles from drones high above he probably never knew what hit him.

All of these terrorists seem to have a wish of becoming a martyr and sending them to heaven where they may join the many virgins promised to them. The American-born terrorist was granted his wish as the USA sent him there free of charge. This terrorist betrayed the country that gave him an education and many opportunities denied others. So as we move on let us bid Mr. Awlaki farewell where ever he ended up beit virgin heaven or the gates of hell I personally hope it was the latter. And let this be a warning to other would-be American terrorist you may betray us but you will pay the price in the end.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

How sick is Hugo

Rumors and speculation are running high in Venezuela. The question the people of this country are asking themselves is how sick is Hugo Chavez?

Hugo Chavez has been to Cuba where he is undergoing treatment for cancer. This doesn't say much for the medical services of Venezuela that he would have to go abroad for medical treatment. It has been reported this week that his condition has worsened this is furiously denied by the government. No one knows at this point what is really true as this is a very closed society.

Because Hugo Chavez is a publicity hound and did not make any attempt to attend the United Nations meetings held in New York this week where he loves to criticize the United States many people think he is gravely ill. I really don't know what to believe but some Spanish people tell me the devil was sharpening up his pitchfork for an extremely important person to arrive.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Show Respect

On 911 when most Americans were watching the ceremonies at Ground Zero, the Pentagon and in Pennsylvania trying to reflect on the terrible events of that day and showing respect for the brave Americans who all lost their lives. These events were a time to mourn the dead and console the family's.

Unfortunately this is not true at the New York Times which took the opportunity on this special day to start up their hate machine in full force. Their award-winning columnist Paul Krugman took the opportunity to slam George W. Bush and Rudy Giuliani. He stated that they were fake heroes who cashed in on 9/11. Paul Krugman crawls out of his hole or whatever rock he liveds under every few months to slam this country. I think the American people are fed up with this type of reporting it achieves nothing but demeans our country

Thanks to the Constitution Mr. Krugman has the right to print whatever he wants the American people also have the right to BUY whatever they want. So I urge you if you disagree with the New York Times editorials and columnists please cancel your subscription to this UN-American publication.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Caylee Revisited

Today I was in the neighborhood of George and Cynthia Anthony. As I drove down the street everything seemed to be normal although there was an empty police car parked near their home. I'm sure the neighborhood is glad to be getting back to normal.

I also drove down to the spot where they found little Caylee's body this is on Suburban drive just around the corner from the Anthony home about 5 min. away. When I first visited this site there was a lot of undergrowth weeds and fallen logs in the area. Today it looks like someone had raked the area and cleaned it up somewhat. On my first visit there was one small teddy bear and the rose approximately at the spot the body was found.

Today this same area looked like a circus or something out of a carnival with all the stuff toys and signs left their by onlookers. There must have been at least 50 to 75 stuffed animals in all sizes from the very small to the jumbo that you see at the therm parks. I liked it much better with just the one bear and an arose it seemed more respectable. Some organization wanted to build a memorial park there if it looks anything like this it would truly be an eyesore rather than a fitting memorial to this little girl who was brutally murdered.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hate Speech

While channel surfing over the weekend I came across Jimmy Hoffa Junior making a speech warming up the crowd for president Obama. This is not anything new but I was surprised at his rhetoric and using foul language talking about the tea party. He call them a bunch of SOB's. Of course the crowd cheered but why wouldn't they there all handpicked union members that mindlessly follow the union line. When the president took the podium he made no mention of this idiots foul language. For man preaching peace and harmony and working together this was very disappointing. This is why Mr. Obama is going to be a one term president hanging your hat on the same rack with this type of trash doesn't bode well for the president.

While watching Fox news this morning the hostess Gretchen Carlson had an interview with Debbie Wasserman Schultz the Democratic National Committee chairwoman and ask her reaction to the comments made by Hoffa. She ducked answering this question during the entire interview when finally pressed by Ms. Carlson her response was are you kidding me. Another reason Obama will not be reelected to another term. To surround yourself with arrogant people such as Schultz and Hoffa shows poor judgment on the president's part. We should not only make Obama a one term president but vote out Republicans or Democrats who put themselves above the people and think they can't be held accountable for their actions.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Another Obama speech

On Thursday next week we will be treated to another Obama speech. This is also the opening day for the NFL football season thank goodness this speech will be two hours before the opening kickoff.

Pres. Obama is noted for making a fine speech. The unfortunate part he is also noted for lack of action and follow-up after the speech. I really don't think the American people are really interested in hearing another one of these long-winded speeches that contain little content or solutions to the problems of today. There is never a plan put forward or anything in writing that we may follow up on just more talk and playing the blame game. President Obama speech is just words with no follow up.