Friday, February 26, 2016

Presidential Candidates

 We have three top contenders in the Republican race for the president. Two of them are freshman senator's and one is an international businessman.  We have had seven years of a president who was a freshman center with no experience in life  are you ready to repeat that mistake again. On the other hand we have Donald Trump international businessman who has experience with dealing with world leaders,  businessman and professional politicians like Senator Rubio and Ted Cruz. Do you really want another professional politician in the White House ? I don't think so. The two senators are part of the problem and gridlock in Washington DC the American people are sick of it  now is time for a change from the status quo we now have in Washington DC. Remember  The political politicians owe their existence to big-time donors and lobbyist these people control them.  So stand up for America and support Donald trump for president of the United States nobody owns him he has a self funding campaign none of the others can make this claim.  Let us get on board the Trump Express  and roll over these political politicians on our way to the White House.

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