Sunday, July 31, 2011

Vacation USA

I was just reading about the two French women murdered in Argentina. It makes one stop and think yes it is very exciting to travel to different parts of the world. I think you have to pick your destination very carefully and stay out of Third World countries as much as possible. Almost anywhere you go there is some type of danger but the risk in these out-of-the-way places are much higher.

In some of these off-the-wall countries kidnapping and murder are just the way of life and are even a business to some people. Unfortunately no matter where you travel in the world you have to keep your guard up and be aware of your surroundings.

My condolences and sympathy for the family and friends of these two girls. I think my next vacation will be in the boundaries of the USA.

Friday, July 29, 2011

He's Back

Our old friend Hugo Chavez is back.Singing and dancing as he celebrated his 57th birthday claiming that he will probably stay in power until 2031. Chavez who was diagnosed with cancer in June as been going back and forth to Cuba for treatment.I can't understand that if Venezuela is the utopia that Chavez claims why must he continually return to Cuba for his cancer treatment? Do they not have doctors in this country? With all the problems in the South American the great leader of Venezuela Mr. Hugo Chavez is worrying about his hair falling out don't worry Mr. Pres. you always came across as a clown now you will just be a bald headed one.Mr. Chavez at times called his opponents the devil I doubt that he knows what the devil looks like but it is possible in the near future he may find out when the Grim Reaper comes knocking at his door.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Debt Ceiling Talks

It looks like no matter what they do the Democrats and Republicans cannot come to some kind of agreement on raising the debt ceiling. They hold meetings during the week on the weekend and even the White House and they are still at odds with each other. I think the American people are getting fed up with both parties. It just seems like the same old political BS as usual nobody wants to give in. I wonder why all these different decisions always have to go down to the wire. The Democrats and Republicans should have been working on this problem many months ago not just kicking the can down the road as they so fondly like to say. They even have representative claiming they will not vote for a raise in the debt ceiling no matter what. I think we have two take a long look at these people in 2012. To determine if they deserve to be in office anymore. As the ship sinks they are fighting over problems that should have been solved many months ago and taking us down with it.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

End of an Era

Watching the shuttle Atlantis land at the Kennedy space Center was a sad day in America. After being the dominant power in the space race for 30 years we now take a backseat to the Russians and have to depend on them to fly us to the space station. I don't understand the thinking of NASA officials in letting this happen maybe it is to save money but at a cost of over $50 million per person that is what the Russian government will be charging per astronaut.where is the savings.
I also could not help but wondering what is going to happen to the 3200 people who will be laid off as of today. There Is No Way, Central, FL has this many jobs available in total they say the number will reach 9000 unemployed NASA workers when the cuts are over. I don't think the American people are too happy with this situation I hope they show their frustration in the coming election.

I am sure the real estate market in the Cocoa Beach and Cape Canaveral area will be on a steep decline people without jobs will not be able to maintain their mortgage payment.

So after 30 years in space we say goodbye to the shuttle program and hello to the Russian space program where we will just be a passenger. This is another change for the better brought to you by the present administration how is that working out for you.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The meaning of volunteers

Watching the news on TV and also when reading my morning paper I have noticed there are quite a few lawsuits being brought against Casey Anthony. Believe me I am no fan of Ms. Anthony but some of these lawsuits are ridiculous and just ignorant.

Let us take the one filed by Leonard Padilla the bounty Hunter that got Casey Anthony out of jail the first time she was arrested. He claims he spent money looking for little Caylee Anthony. I thought his sole purpose when he came to Orlando was to post bail for this woman. He voluntarily begin to search for the little girl. I don't remember hearing that anybody contracted Mr. Padilla to look for the missing child he took on this burden of volunteering for this job. Also in the same theme the diver looking for the child who is now suing Casey Anthony was working for Leonard Padilla I would suggest he collect any expenses that he may have incurred up with him. This is another baseless lawsuit and a waste of the court's time.

The lawsuit that does have some merit is the one brought against Leonard Padilla by the meter reader who actually found the body. According to the lawyer for him they have many interviews by Mr. Padilla slandering him. I think I believe the lawyer because Leonard Padilla seeks publicity in any way that he can. He never passes the camera without something to say I think he actually hunts for the news man on the scene. We will have to wait to see how all of this plays out. So in closing it is quite evident that the Casey Anthony trial brought a boom town for all the lawyers involved in the frivolous lawsuits. Have a nice day.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Congressional Benefits

Government officials in Washington are looking for ways to cut expenses. I wonder if they have thought about cutting some of their Congressional benefits. Members of both houses enjoy salary, health insurance and retirement benefits and also get an expense account.

The salary for members of the House and Senate run about $174,000 a year. The speaker of the house makes $223,500 a year. Others in leadership position of the House and Senate bring in $193,400 a year. They also receive annual cost of living increases which by the way has been denied for the last two years to people on Social Security.

If you have served in Congress for five years or a member of the house you will be entitled to full retirement benefits. Your benefits will include health insurance coverage and pension benefits it must be nice to be able to retire with only five years service. Now you know why they fight so hard to stay in office everyone would love to have a plush job like this. This is not mentioning the many small entitlements that they have such as free postage and stationary all supplied by the federal government. I'm sure that we could take a long look at all their benefits and find ways to cut expenses but you know this will never happen as these representatives are the ones in charge of cutting expenses. So you the taxpayer are now saddled with the mounting debt and will pay the price when they begin cutting your entitlements and benefits. Have a nice day.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Last Chapter of Casey Anthony's story

The last chapter in the never-ending story of Casey Anthony was written last night at the Orange County jail in Orlando Florida. Casey Anthony was released at 12:14 A.M. Sunday night to a crowd of screaming protesters when she appeared walking through the door they went into a frenzy like a school of piranha's on a piece of roast beef. Have you heard the words in a song clowns to the left of me and jokers to the right that's a good description of what went down last night.

The entire jail was surrounded by police every exit was guarded God knows what this must of cause orange County taxpayers. Then we have the mobile command center it was also present not to mention the mounted police on horse back and countless numbers of police cars up and down John Young Parkway the overtime pay for this little operation must be overwhelming.

With the entire jail surrounded and every exit blocked what do they do they let Ms. Anthony walk out the front door to a waiting vehicle this took approximately 15 seconds for her to exit the jail and disappear into the Florida night. Thank God this saga has come to an end I don't know how much more the orange County taxpayers could afford. I would really like to know how much money was spent for food housing and transportation for this woman the entire time she has been incarcerated I bet it's staggering.

We have been informed that the local government will try to recoup some of this money but you and I know this probably will never happena and for all the frivolous lawsuits filed by the cast of characters in this soap opera most will never materialize.

So as Casey Anthony and all our imaginary friends disappear into the Florida night we can only say goodbye and good riddance.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Spectacular police raid in Georgia

Stop the presses for breaking news there was a spectacular police raid by two officers in Midway Georgia. This officers while cruising on there regular patrol spotted three girls selling lemonade they quickly responded by swooping down and shutting down this illegal operation. Thank God we have brave police officers like this to protect us from the lemonade bootleggers. This dangerous lemonade gang did not have a business license or the proper permits!

The chief of police immediately held a news conference to announce this breaking news. Chief Kelly MorningStar said the police did not know how the lemonade was made who made it and what was in it. By the way chief MorningStar was in on this danger raid also. Not having the proper permits that cost $50 a day the three girls of the lemonade gang were shutdown and disbanded. There evil intent was to raise money to go to a water park but thanks to the diligent work of the Midway Georgia Police Department this was foiled. The gang of three are now doing yard work an extra chores to raise money for their water park trip. So citizens of Midway Georgia you may sleep well tonight knowing that chief MorningStar and her officers are on the job at all times to protect you against the likes of the lemonade gang.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The circus goes on

Yes that's right folks the circus continues I am referring to the never-ending Casey Anthony circus. Ms. Anthony will be released from jail this Sunday they have already put up barricades in front of the jail in case of demonstrators. I doubt very seriously if Casey Anthony will walk out the front door of the jail I'm sure her lawyers have made arrangements for her to leave as quickly as possible from another exit.

Her boyfriend has announced he will write a book about his relationship with Casey that should be a wild one. Also a producer in California as offered Ms. Anthony $1 million for her story and for the story of any people on the jury who want to come forward I am sure they will also be well compensated. It was reported on Fox news today that the public has been sending money to the jail for Casey her jail account has increased by $500 after being found not guilty most of the contributors were men.

It seems to me like most of the participants in this trial are coming out smelling like a rose the defense team can be seen giving interviews even the most junior members the boyfriend gets a book deal Casey gets a book deal plus a movie and I am sure George and Cindy will come up with the deal of their own so far the only one who seems to be left out is her brother and course little Caylee whose only reward was to be discarded in a swamp like a bag of trash.

But remember my friend in the end we all have to face the ultimate judge and I would not want to be Ms. Casey Anthony. She may in the end have a good life here on earth but life is short but eternity is forever when she crosses over justice will be done.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cindy Anthony no charges filed

That's right folks there will be no perjury charge filed against Cindy Anthony. That was announced today in an e-mail from the Orange and Osceola state's attorney's office our office will not pursue perjury charges. Even though Cindy Anthony did perjure herself by testifying she was the one on the home computer looking for chloroform. Her time card at work showed she was clearly there and her coworkers testified to that fact. In most cases the relatives of the defendant are not charged when testifying for their family member so this is not out of the norm. The lawyer for Cindy Anthony rejected the idea that his client lied to protect her daughter. I can only say in closing the Anthony women seem to be very lucky when dealing with the law.

Stop we had enough

Yes I say stop we had enough of all the Casey Anthony stories, rumors,and innuendos. It is being reported on the local TV station that there is now a book coming out in September titled inside the mind of Casey Anthony written by some psychiatrists who I doubt has ever spoken or examined Ms. Anthony. Now you have some of the jurors giving their point of view to anybody that will listen on cable news. All the drama queens and backseat lawyers on the social media sites are still hard at it trying to convince themselves and anyone who will listen of the guilt of Casey Anthony. Enough already we've had enough of this never-ending story move on get a life there's a whole big world out there.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Leon Panetta On Al Qaeda

Leon Panetta the incoming secretary of defense says there is a real possibility that the United States can defeat Al Qaeda. The key is to convince Pakistan to aid us in going after some key members of the terrorist organization. Pakistan has failed to stop terrorist attacks that originate on their side of the border and cross over into Afghanistan. If it is Leon Panetta's plan to get Pakistan to help us in any way to defeat Al Qaeda he should come up with Plan B because this is not going to happen. Many officials in the Pakistani government are sympathetic to the terrorist group. This has been proven by the simple fact that Osama bin Laden lived in their country for more than five years right under their nose. They say that they did not know that may be true but they should have known he was in plain sight living only a few miles from their military Academy in any case we cannot depend on these people Mr. Sec. move onto Plan B. I hope that Plan B does not include working too closely with the Afghan government as they are so corrupt you will probably have to to form plan C. The only way we are going to stamp out Al Qaeda is to do it on our own the same way we took out bin Laden.

With our country in financial problems and we don't need to be spending foreign aid money on corrupt politician and ungrateful governments we can get the job done ourselves and then pull out of these countries that hate us and leave them to their fate.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Farewell Atlantis

Today at 5 AM I filled my thermoses with coffee and drove over to Cocoa Beach to watch the last flight of the shuttle Atlantis. I thought I would run into a lot more traffic than I did but I was pleasantly surprised there really wasn't that much. After finding a good spot to watch the shuttle go up I begin to drink my coffee and wait for the 1126 liftoff. There was estimated to be around 1 million people at this event. As far as the eye could see on 528 W. was a sea of automobiles also waiting for the great moment. I have never been to a launch and truly enjoyed it this was a great site to see. It made you have great pride for our country. I was also a little sad that this would be the last launch. Now we will have to depend on Russian to put us into space at an astronomical price. I think NASA could've come up with a better plan than this we are the only superpower left in the world and should not have to depend on any country for anything. A lot of good people are being laid off from their jobs now due to this decision that is the last thing we need in this economy.

So as of today we really don't have a space program anymore we are just part of the Russian program this is a sad day for the men who were pioneers in conquering outer space and for the United States of America.

Monday, July 4, 2011



Green Card Status

Many women are brought to this country on a fiancée visa. Once they are here some unscrupulous men consider them their property and physically and mentally abuse them I guess this makes them feel powerful. They will threaten them that if they report anything they will terminate their green card status. First let us be perfectly clear that they cannot do this in any case they are the ones that brought you here and are responsible financially for many years even if they divorce the you. To apply for your permanent green card good for 10 years you do not need your husband's signature if he is refusing to sign and is in the process of divorcing you. I suggest that you must prove that your marrage was valid and you enter into it in good faith. You can also indicate that you were abused by your spouse and it would be a hardship if you had to return to your country. So don't live under this threat that you will be sent back to your country if your husband refuses to sign your paperwork they are many options open to you contact your local immigration office for more information.