Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Pres. Obama has returned from his vacation in Hawaii, and just last week return from playing golf in Florida with Tiger Woods. His wife and kids also return from their ski vacation in Colorado. Today, the president flew Air Force One to Virginia at the cost of $179,000 an hour to discuss budget cuts  at a shipyard. He will give a speech there. My question is this, if the administration is so worried about budget cuts why don't they cut back their travel budget and do the people's business in the White House.

I think the president thinks we work for him instead of the other way around that we elected him to do the people's business and the responsible in running this country. In the upcoming election in 2014. It is time for the people in both parties to take back our government . These professional politicians, be they Democrat or Republican or ruining our country into the ground. It is time for real change in this Congress . They have done absolutely nothing to cure the ills of this nation. As a good citizen we really need to look at the candidates for Congress and pick some people with common sense , not the status quo.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


After the presidents state of the union message to the American people. Sen., Marco Rubio was selected to give the Republican response. Before he began he took a sip of water from his bottle. This was caught on camera. I did not think too much about it, but while watching the news it seemed like MSNBC thought this was a major mistake . They have referred to it a 155 times in the last few days.

This shows you the sad state of the mainstream media , especially MSNBC with all the problems in the world , North Korea, Iran, and the crisis in Syria you would think they would be important subjects, but they have concentrated on the man drinking water. Now you know why they are one of the lowest rated cable networks on the air.   These left-leaning networks and blogs must really fear . Sen. Marco Rubio to report on this Watergate incident so many times CNN also reported on this 33 times . It is a sad state of affairs in the mainstream media.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Jimmy Lee Dykes Dead

The standoff in the small Alabama town is over. The result, the five-year-old boy was rescued and his kidnapper Jimmy Lee Dykes is dead.

Our hats go off to all the law enforcement officials involved in this very tedious rescue that had been going on for the last seven days. The FBI stormed  the bunker when the situation started to deteriorate this was a wise decision.

 You have to ask yourself how could something like this happened .  The  answer to this is simple Jimmy Lee Dykes was mentally ill  there were many signs of this . He was a troubled man , but this is not an excuse for the crimes he committed , especially killing Mr. Albert  Poland Jr. the driver of the school bus the children were riding on  when attacked by Dykes., Mr. Poland is the true hero here he died trying to protect his children  we all mourn his loss. without  his  gallant actions  we would have  another Newtown Connecticut.

Jimmy Lee Dykes  got exactly what he deserved and  is now on his way  two hell where the demons are waiting for him to welcome him properly.