Sunday, August 9, 2015

Who Won The Republican Debate?

Republican debate was the most-watched political event in recent history with more than 24 million people tuned in. It was very interesting and informing and  gave us some insight as how the candidates felt on many issues.

Let's face it most of the people tuned in to see Donald Trump  without him, I'm sure  there would not  have been as many viewers.  I really would have liked to seen  the moderators  asked Mr. Trump more questions  with substance like  how he would create more jobs, what was his plan to secure the border and  what would he do about the  deal with Iran. 

I think Marco Rubio was the big winner  in this debate . He has solutions to the problems  that faces country  and he came across well. I think we need a young fresh face   a person with a vision for tomorrow  not someone with  yesterday's ideas.   Would love to see debate  between  Rubio  and Hillary Clinton. Carly Fiorina  was the winner of the  five o'clock debate   the rest of the candidates  in the earlier debate  with her  should drop out of the race now  as they are clearly  losers . Their poll numbers did not go up  very much.  The next debate should be very interesting  providing  Trump is in it.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Debate Question for Donald Trump.

The countdown for the big debate is on they will be two debates, one at five and the main event at nine o'clock. According to the Drudge Report NASA, will be signing a $490 million contract with Russia to send Americans into space. Mr. Putin will love this deal as it will give him more money to create chaos around the world.

My question for Mr. Donald Trump if elected president of the United States , would you bring back our space program?  Having to depend on  Russia to transport our astronauts to the international space station  is just not acceptable.  The decline of our space industry  started with Bush and continued with Obama.  We need a strong president  like Mr. Trump who knows the ins and outs of the business world  and how to negotiate to bring NASA  back to its former glory.. We need a new space shuttle.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Fox News Debate

 On Thursday Aug 6th sparks will fly because that is the day of the Fox news debate. The first debate will begin at 5 PM. These are the candidates that did not make the cut, to be in  the main debate later in the evening. Their poll numbers are not enough to qualify an example of this would be Rick Perry is 1% or Lindsey Graham, 0%. Why are these losers wasting our time? There are a few good candidates in this group, but they also do not stand a chance.  The American people are tired  of the professional politician reading off his script and  telling you what they think you want to hear  and in the end they do nothing . Just look at our present Congress and House of Representatives  controlled by the Republicans you have done absolutely nothing  to make our lives better.  They have done. however , many things to make their lives better.. It is time to make big changes in our government  in the coming election we need to dump many of these professional politicians  like Lindsey Graham ,John McCain  and the Republican leadership.. They spent more time at happy hour that on-the-job.  Jump on the  Trump express and let us take back America.