Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Trump Rally in Dallas, Texas

The Trump express rolled into Dallas, Texas, last night. Trump was greeted by  20,000 screaming supporters. There is no other Republican candidate that can muster crowds like this. Gov. Walker had a rally the other day and there were 110 people attending does this tell you something.

The American people are tired of the  professional politicians with their  scripted message and teleprompters.  Why would we want a candidate, who runs  all his remarks by focus groups  first.

Tomorrow night will be the second Republican debate  the established candidates   of the GOP  are preparing  for it meeting with  their focus groups  money men and  practicing  over and over  there  politically correct answers.

 What is Donald Trump doing to prepare?  He  is doing some good  old-fashioned campaigning!  Donald Trump  does not give scripted answers . He just calls it like it is.  All the  good old boy candidates  and  talking heads  such as Karl [ the butter bean] Rove,  Charles[ Mr. elite ] Krauthammer and  George [ the snob ] Wills   will be gunning for him.  the Trump express  will roll over them  with ease.

 What happened to Jeb I assume he is  still in the race  but but haven't heard much from him I think the Bush express  is still in the station.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Political Talking Heads

Every day on Fox news and other cable networks you see these talking heads, giving their opinions on the political landscape. Last night I watch Karl Rove with his little eraser board tell us why Donald Trump will not be elected president. How could he be a Fox news contributor when he is running a multimillion dollar super pack to elect the good old boy candidate for the Republican Party. He is obviously biased. Have you noticed most of these so-called political experts have backed the losing candidate. We have to take what they say with a grain of salt. Rove while of giving us his statistics did not mention the good old boy candidate Jeb Bush was only at 6%. They always say, 2016 is very far off, and we have a long way to go. Well, that works both ways. That gives Donald Trump more time to improve his unfavorable to favorable , and for Jeb to continue his fall in the polls.

To change the subject little bit do you realize  that every day Barack Obama  days as president  become fewer and fewer.  When he is gone with him  will go the crooked  Justice Department, IRS, and the Veterans Administration . I'm sure the new president  will clean house on this bunch  of politically correct  bureaucrats.. I don't think we will see the likes  of race baiting  Al Sharpton visiting the White House anymore  or these  anti-American Muslim groups   and radical clerics  or black lives matters, representatives  having a revolving door at the White House .  So stand up America let the silent majority be heard  and let us take back our government from these political  correct idiots  that we now have running our government.. They talk about the Latino vote and the black vote  will now it's time for the silent majority vote  that is registered to vote and throw the bums out!!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Who Won The Republican Debate?

Republican debate was the most-watched political event in recent history with more than 24 million people tuned in. It was very interesting and informing and  gave us some insight as how the candidates felt on many issues.

Let's face it most of the people tuned in to see Donald Trump  without him, I'm sure  there would not  have been as many viewers.  I really would have liked to seen  the moderators  asked Mr. Trump more questions  with substance like  how he would create more jobs, what was his plan to secure the border and  what would he do about the  deal with Iran. 

I think Marco Rubio was the big winner  in this debate . He has solutions to the problems  that faces country  and he came across well. I think we need a young fresh face   a person with a vision for tomorrow  not someone with  yesterday's ideas.   Would love to see debate  between  Rubio  and Hillary Clinton. Carly Fiorina  was the winner of the  five o'clock debate   the rest of the candidates  in the earlier debate  with her  should drop out of the race now  as they are clearly  losers . Their poll numbers did not go up  very much.  The next debate should be very interesting  providing  Trump is in it.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Debate Question for Donald Trump.

The countdown for the big debate is on they will be two debates, one at five and the main event at nine o'clock. According to the Drudge Report NASA, will be signing a $490 million contract with Russia to send Americans into space. Mr. Putin will love this deal as it will give him more money to create chaos around the world.

My question for Mr. Donald Trump if elected president of the United States , would you bring back our space program?  Having to depend on  Russia to transport our astronauts to the international space station  is just not acceptable.  The decline of our space industry  started with Bush and continued with Obama.  We need a strong president  like Mr. Trump who knows the ins and outs of the business world  and how to negotiate to bring NASA  back to its former glory.. We need a new space shuttle.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Fox News Debate

 On Thursday Aug 6th sparks will fly because that is the day of the Fox news debate. The first debate will begin at 5 PM. These are the candidates that did not make the cut, to be in  the main debate later in the evening. Their poll numbers are not enough to qualify an example of this would be Rick Perry is 1% or Lindsey Graham, 0%. Why are these losers wasting our time? There are a few good candidates in this group, but they also do not stand a chance.  The American people are tired  of the professional politician reading off his script and  telling you what they think you want to hear  and in the end they do nothing . Just look at our present Congress and House of Representatives  controlled by the Republicans you have done absolutely nothing  to make our lives better.  They have done. however , many things to make their lives better.. It is time to make big changes in our government  in the coming election we need to dump many of these professional politicians  like Lindsey Graham ,John McCain  and the Republican leadership.. They spent more time at happy hour that on-the-job.  Jump on the  Trump express and let us take back America.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Hillary Clinton

It looks like Hillary is in big trouble over this e-mail scandal. To inspector generals, one from the State Department. The other one from the Intelligence Committee have recommended an investigation that some of the e-mails were classified and should have not been on her server.

Many Democrats are getting nervous  and calling her a flawed candidate.  Many people  in the party are pushing  for  Vice President Joe Biden  to throw his hat into the race.  This could be disastrous for the Queen.  The presidency  snatched away from her by Obama the last time around.  This could very well happen again as her popularity  plummets to a new low nobody trusts Hillary Clinton. 

Many insiders in Washington think the White House or someone high up in government  are behind this  e-mail investigation  . There are rumors that the Clintons and Obamas  do not like  each other.The question now is  will  Queen Hillary  get the  nomination , or will she be  pushed aside once again.

The Democrats are in real trouble they only have  professional politicians  to run for president  an old ones at that  there are no Marco Rubio's  or Ted Cruz, who are much younger that the Queen  to replace her.  These next months are going to be very interesting  to see how Queen Hillary  and bronco Billy  explained their way out of this  dilemma  I know it's going to be a  magnificent excuse  how all this  has  happened  to our Queen  how could this be possible.


Friday, July 24, 2015

Rick Perry

You may be asking yourself who is Rick Perry? He is a candidate on the Republican ticket for president of the United States. If you think back, he ran as a candidate the last time around against Romney. Mr Perry  was the one who forgot his lines, in one of the debates. He was trying to give an example of three things he forgot the third one, and that was the end of Mr. Perry . He is now confronting  Donald Trump, who is at present leading in the polls by 24%. Mr. Perry has 4%. I think it is time   for Mr. Perry to get on his pony  and right back to Texas.

Another loser in this race is Sen.  Lindsey Graham , a professional politician that has been feeding  for years off the state of South Carolina . He ranks at 1% in the polls.. He is also displeased with Donald Trump  being in the Republican race.  Neither of these men have qualified  to be in the Fox news debate in August .They are all talk and no action.    I suggest, they go home  and quit wasting our time .                                                   

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Chattanooga, Tennessee

The events that happened in Chattanooga, Tennessee a very sad we lost five good Marines and one Sailor. They were killed by the hand of an Islamic terrorist. It is a very sad day for their family and friends, and for the entire country may they rest in peace.

It is about time the United States puts  and in to this type of terrorism . There is a simple solution, but our president  will never do it  because he is a Muslim sympathizer.  We know where ISIS  headquarters is  located.  Why have we not bomb this  place off the face of the earth?  There is no making peace with these type of people they hate us  for our way of life and always will.  These scumbags  are still living in the 18th century and will never move forward . They have been killing each other for 2000 years . Why do you think they would change.

The 2016 election will be the most important election  in our countries history  with must have a strong leader  that will fight back  and defeat our  enemies  not a leader  who is always politically correct. . Wake up people and look at the  candidates running  we don't need a return  to the  present  policies  of this  administration.   It is time to take our country back.

Donald Trump

It looks like Mr.Trump is leading the field in the GOP race. This is making the traditional Republicans crazy. They can not understand it!

It is very simple Trump speaks the language of the people.  He answers questions dose not talk around them he is not politically correct just tells it like it is. So wake up Jeb Bush, Rick Perry,and Karl Rove we are sick of Professional Politicians.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Muslim killing Muslim

Every day on the news we here about a bomb blowing up somewhere in the Middle East, killing many people. This is not breaking news Muslims have been killing each other for the past 2000 years. All in the name of their religion. I don't know why this should upset anybody, as it will go on probably tell the end of time.
One good thing about this, the more they kill each other the less of a problem, they will be for the rest of the world, so why interfere  . Let them have  at it .. When I hear this news of another bombing  I break into my  happy dance  and  sing happy  days are here again.  So please , all you  Islamic terrorist organizations  in the world  keep killing each other you are very good  at it  and you are doing the world a great service  by eliminating each . Have a nice day.