Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Time to change them all

It seems like this country cannot move forward as long as we have the same old your faces in government.

Every day you hear about how we are boged down in Congress or the House of Representatives this is telling me that we really do need to make a big change in the coming election. Not only with the do-nothing president but also with members of Congress orthe House who I hate to say are even worse than the sitting president. These people just don't get it or they don't care it is time for us to show them that we do. The only way to do this is totally throw all of them out and vote for some new blood that has the interest of the country at heart. The members of government that we have now are strictly looking out for themselves just look at their stock portfolios. They seem to go in office poor and come out millionaires. They do not want to compromise with each other and they offer some flimsiest excuse as to why not we are tired of this. So this election let us make a clean sweep and get rid of all of them things couldn't get any worse and probably would be better with a whole new slate of elected officials.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Death from Above

American-born terrorist Anwar al Awlaki learned firsthand what death from above means. It was confirmed that the CIA directed attacks on the terrorist leader and took him out by firing two hellfire missiles from drones high above he probably never knew what hit him.

All of these terrorists seem to have a wish of becoming a martyr and sending them to heaven where they may join the many virgins promised to them. The American-born terrorist was granted his wish as the USA sent him there free of charge. This terrorist betrayed the country that gave him an education and many opportunities denied others. So as we move on let us bid Mr. Awlaki farewell where ever he ended up beit virgin heaven or the gates of hell I personally hope it was the latter. And let this be a warning to other would-be American terrorist you may betray us but you will pay the price in the end.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

How sick is Hugo

Rumors and speculation are running high in Venezuela. The question the people of this country are asking themselves is how sick is Hugo Chavez?

Hugo Chavez has been to Cuba where he is undergoing treatment for cancer. This doesn't say much for the medical services of Venezuela that he would have to go abroad for medical treatment. It has been reported this week that his condition has worsened this is furiously denied by the government. No one knows at this point what is really true as this is a very closed society.

Because Hugo Chavez is a publicity hound and did not make any attempt to attend the United Nations meetings held in New York this week where he loves to criticize the United States many people think he is gravely ill. I really don't know what to believe but some Spanish people tell me the devil was sharpening up his pitchfork for an extremely important person to arrive.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Show Respect

On 911 when most Americans were watching the ceremonies at Ground Zero, the Pentagon and in Pennsylvania trying to reflect on the terrible events of that day and showing respect for the brave Americans who all lost their lives. These events were a time to mourn the dead and console the family's.

Unfortunately this is not true at the New York Times which took the opportunity on this special day to start up their hate machine in full force. Their award-winning columnist Paul Krugman took the opportunity to slam George W. Bush and Rudy Giuliani. He stated that they were fake heroes who cashed in on 9/11. Paul Krugman crawls out of his hole or whatever rock he liveds under every few months to slam this country. I think the American people are fed up with this type of reporting it achieves nothing but demeans our country

Thanks to the Constitution Mr. Krugman has the right to print whatever he wants the American people also have the right to BUY whatever they want. So I urge you if you disagree with the New York Times editorials and columnists please cancel your subscription to this UN-American publication.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Caylee Revisited

Today I was in the neighborhood of George and Cynthia Anthony. As I drove down the street everything seemed to be normal although there was an empty police car parked near their home. I'm sure the neighborhood is glad to be getting back to normal.

I also drove down to the spot where they found little Caylee's body this is on Suburban drive just around the corner from the Anthony home about 5 min. away. When I first visited this site there was a lot of undergrowth weeds and fallen logs in the area. Today it looks like someone had raked the area and cleaned it up somewhat. On my first visit there was one small teddy bear and the rose approximately at the spot the body was found.

Today this same area looked like a circus or something out of a carnival with all the stuff toys and signs left their by onlookers. There must have been at least 50 to 75 stuffed animals in all sizes from the very small to the jumbo that you see at the therm parks. I liked it much better with just the one bear and an arose it seemed more respectable. Some organization wanted to build a memorial park there if it looks anything like this it would truly be an eyesore rather than a fitting memorial to this little girl who was brutally murdered.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hate Speech

While channel surfing over the weekend I came across Jimmy Hoffa Junior making a speech warming up the crowd for president Obama. This is not anything new but I was surprised at his rhetoric and using foul language talking about the tea party. He call them a bunch of SOB's. Of course the crowd cheered but why wouldn't they there all handpicked union members that mindlessly follow the union line. When the president took the podium he made no mention of this idiots foul language. For man preaching peace and harmony and working together this was very disappointing. This is why Mr. Obama is going to be a one term president hanging your hat on the same rack with this type of trash doesn't bode well for the president.

While watching Fox news this morning the hostess Gretchen Carlson had an interview with Debbie Wasserman Schultz the Democratic National Committee chairwoman and ask her reaction to the comments made by Hoffa. She ducked answering this question during the entire interview when finally pressed by Ms. Carlson her response was are you kidding me. Another reason Obama will not be reelected to another term. To surround yourself with arrogant people such as Schultz and Hoffa shows poor judgment on the president's part. We should not only make Obama a one term president but vote out Republicans or Democrats who put themselves above the people and think they can't be held accountable for their actions.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Another Obama speech

On Thursday next week we will be treated to another Obama speech. This is also the opening day for the NFL football season thank goodness this speech will be two hours before the opening kickoff.

Pres. Obama is noted for making a fine speech. The unfortunate part he is also noted for lack of action and follow-up after the speech. I really don't think the American people are really interested in hearing another one of these long-winded speeches that contain little content or solutions to the problems of today. There is never a plan put forward or anything in writing that we may follow up on just more talk and playing the blame game. President Obama speech is just words with no follow up.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Gadhafi the end is near

I guess Libyan leader M. Gadhafi does not realize his 42 years of power is over in Libya. This always amazes me that these dictators never know when to quit. I guess they are addicted to power.

The question now is where is Gadhafi his sons and daughter hiding? Many people think he is still in Tripoli but this cannot be confirmed. Many ex officials of the Libyan government have urged his followers to lay down there arms and joined the rebels. Influential businessmen in Libya have placed a $2 million reward on Gadhafi's head. I do hope they find this man alive and bring him to justice for the thousands of people he has murdered in his own country and also the Americans on the Pan Am flight and in the disco in Germany. This should be a lesson to the remaining dictators of the Middle East your days are numbered and you will pay for your crimes. There is no place for you anymore in this world whether you be Christian or Muslim the world is moving on. People want to be free to make the choices in their own lives they don't need a tinhorn dictator in any country to do it for them. So whatever hole you are hiding in Mr. Gadhafi enjoy it as it will be short-lived they are coming for you it's only a matter of time. If you remember your history Hitler and Benito Mussolini were in your situation they didn't fare very well either when the end came.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Medical Scam

There is another warning out today about a medical scam. If you receive a phone call from a company saying you are qualified for free diabetic testing materials this is a scam. They will specifically ask you for your Social Security number and doctors name under no circumstances should you give this information no matter what they say. These are just low life scammers trying to steal your identity.

You may also receive phone calls from people saying they are Medicare representatives trying to enroll you in a drug prescription program. These also are scammers. Medicare will not call you and ask for any personal information so never give out any over the phone.

If you receive any phone calls like this it is generally someone even in another country trying to steal your identity or your medical identity to obtain free medical benefits in your name. Do not even engaged these people in any type of conversation hang up the phone. You must be aware that there are many unscrupulous scammers in this world. It is very easy to defeat them by hanging up the phone in their ear. Take care and have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Sad Day

Today is a sad day for the United States of American. The remains of of the 30 brave American soldiers will be returned to our country at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware. My heart and prayers go out to the members of their family who have given so much. This is not the time to discuss the political issues it is a time to reflect on the sacrifices of these brave men. God bless the brave men, their families and the United States of America.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Tragedy in Afghanistan

Today while watching the news we were informed that 31 American soldiers were killed in Afghanistan. My sympathy and prayers go out to their families.

The report went on to say that their helicopter with all 31 aboard went down while attacking a Taliban compound. Of course the Taliban claim they shot down the chopper but they make these claims every time one goes down anyway so I don't put much truth in their account.

I know it is easy to be an armchair general after-the-fact but I will offer this observation. Why do we waste the lives of our courageous young men and women on attacking a enemy compound when we can use our air power to level it into oblivion?

I know the military commanders are always saying we have to stop collateral damage. My opinion of this is the people in the area could care less about us and are probably members of the Taliban or sympathizers. So let us begin a campaign of carpet bombing this entire region and let the chips fall where they may. As one president said if you're not with us you're against us. Let us learn the lesson of Vietnam fight to win the war or get the hell out to many good men and women are dying for this godforsaken hole in the ground. They have been killing each other for thousands of years and will continue to do so let us depart and let them have at it.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cut Backs

After watching all the wrangling of the Democrats and Republicans over the debt ceiling I hate to see what is next. I suppose it will be what to cut in future budgets.

If I may suggest let us start with the defense budget. Anybody who has any dealings with the military knows that they are magnificent and wasting money. Remember the $500 toilet seat and the $200 hammer just to name a few. Did you know that at the end of their fiscal year if they have not spent the allotted money they will cut their allotted funds the following year does make any sense to you? So when the end of the year is nearing it doesn't matter what they spend it on they just go on a spending spree as not be cut back in the next budget.

The United States could save a lot of money by taking itself out of the running of being the policeman of the world. Let each country take care of itself if they can that's their problem. We have only been a country a little over 200 years. Most other country's have been around a lot longer if they can't take care of themselves by now they never will be able to.

So let us start with the Defense Department then move on to the State Department as these are the two big-time spenders. We can start by cutting the unnecessary protection of other countries and welfare to the rest of the world and start taking care and building our nation back to what it used to be.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Vacation USA

I was just reading about the two French women murdered in Argentina. It makes one stop and think yes it is very exciting to travel to different parts of the world. I think you have to pick your destination very carefully and stay out of Third World countries as much as possible. Almost anywhere you go there is some type of danger but the risk in these out-of-the-way places are much higher.

In some of these off-the-wall countries kidnapping and murder are just the way of life and are even a business to some people. Unfortunately no matter where you travel in the world you have to keep your guard up and be aware of your surroundings.

My condolences and sympathy for the family and friends of these two girls. I think my next vacation will be in the boundaries of the USA.

Friday, July 29, 2011

He's Back

Our old friend Hugo Chavez is back.Singing and dancing as he celebrated his 57th birthday claiming that he will probably stay in power until 2031. Chavez who was diagnosed with cancer in June as been going back and forth to Cuba for treatment.I can't understand that if Venezuela is the utopia that Chavez claims why must he continually return to Cuba for his cancer treatment? Do they not have doctors in this country? With all the problems in the South American the great leader of Venezuela Mr. Hugo Chavez is worrying about his hair falling out don't worry Mr. Pres. you always came across as a clown now you will just be a bald headed one.Mr. Chavez at times called his opponents the devil I doubt that he knows what the devil looks like but it is possible in the near future he may find out when the Grim Reaper comes knocking at his door.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Debt Ceiling Talks

It looks like no matter what they do the Democrats and Republicans cannot come to some kind of agreement on raising the debt ceiling. They hold meetings during the week on the weekend and even the White House and they are still at odds with each other. I think the American people are getting fed up with both parties. It just seems like the same old political BS as usual nobody wants to give in. I wonder why all these different decisions always have to go down to the wire. The Democrats and Republicans should have been working on this problem many months ago not just kicking the can down the road as they so fondly like to say. They even have representative claiming they will not vote for a raise in the debt ceiling no matter what. I think we have two take a long look at these people in 2012. To determine if they deserve to be in office anymore. As the ship sinks they are fighting over problems that should have been solved many months ago and taking us down with it.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

End of an Era

Watching the shuttle Atlantis land at the Kennedy space Center was a sad day in America. After being the dominant power in the space race for 30 years we now take a backseat to the Russians and have to depend on them to fly us to the space station. I don't understand the thinking of NASA officials in letting this happen maybe it is to save money but at a cost of over $50 million per person that is what the Russian government will be charging per astronaut.where is the savings.
I also could not help but wondering what is going to happen to the 3200 people who will be laid off as of today. There Is No Way, Central, FL has this many jobs available in total they say the number will reach 9000 unemployed NASA workers when the cuts are over. I don't think the American people are too happy with this situation I hope they show their frustration in the coming election.

I am sure the real estate market in the Cocoa Beach and Cape Canaveral area will be on a steep decline people without jobs will not be able to maintain their mortgage payment.

So after 30 years in space we say goodbye to the shuttle program and hello to the Russian space program where we will just be a passenger. This is another change for the better brought to you by the present administration how is that working out for you.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The meaning of volunteers

Watching the news on TV and also when reading my morning paper I have noticed there are quite a few lawsuits being brought against Casey Anthony. Believe me I am no fan of Ms. Anthony but some of these lawsuits are ridiculous and just ignorant.

Let us take the one filed by Leonard Padilla the bounty Hunter that got Casey Anthony out of jail the first time she was arrested. He claims he spent money looking for little Caylee Anthony. I thought his sole purpose when he came to Orlando was to post bail for this woman. He voluntarily begin to search for the little girl. I don't remember hearing that anybody contracted Mr. Padilla to look for the missing child he took on this burden of volunteering for this job. Also in the same theme the diver looking for the child who is now suing Casey Anthony was working for Leonard Padilla I would suggest he collect any expenses that he may have incurred up with him. This is another baseless lawsuit and a waste of the court's time.

The lawsuit that does have some merit is the one brought against Leonard Padilla by the meter reader who actually found the body. According to the lawyer for him they have many interviews by Mr. Padilla slandering him. I think I believe the lawyer because Leonard Padilla seeks publicity in any way that he can. He never passes the camera without something to say I think he actually hunts for the news man on the scene. We will have to wait to see how all of this plays out. So in closing it is quite evident that the Casey Anthony trial brought a boom town for all the lawyers involved in the frivolous lawsuits. Have a nice day.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Congressional Benefits

Government officials in Washington are looking for ways to cut expenses. I wonder if they have thought about cutting some of their Congressional benefits. Members of both houses enjoy salary, health insurance and retirement benefits and also get an expense account.

The salary for members of the House and Senate run about $174,000 a year. The speaker of the house makes $223,500 a year. Others in leadership position of the House and Senate bring in $193,400 a year. They also receive annual cost of living increases which by the way has been denied for the last two years to people on Social Security.

If you have served in Congress for five years or a member of the house you will be entitled to full retirement benefits. Your benefits will include health insurance coverage and pension benefits it must be nice to be able to retire with only five years service. Now you know why they fight so hard to stay in office everyone would love to have a plush job like this. This is not mentioning the many small entitlements that they have such as free postage and stationary all supplied by the federal government. I'm sure that we could take a long look at all their benefits and find ways to cut expenses but you know this will never happen as these representatives are the ones in charge of cutting expenses. So you the taxpayer are now saddled with the mounting debt and will pay the price when they begin cutting your entitlements and benefits. Have a nice day.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Last Chapter of Casey Anthony's story

The last chapter in the never-ending story of Casey Anthony was written last night at the Orange County jail in Orlando Florida. Casey Anthony was released at 12:14 A.M. Sunday night to a crowd of screaming protesters when she appeared walking through the door they went into a frenzy like a school of piranha's on a piece of roast beef. Have you heard the words in a song clowns to the left of me and jokers to the right that's a good description of what went down last night.

The entire jail was surrounded by police every exit was guarded God knows what this must of cause orange County taxpayers. Then we have the mobile command center it was also present not to mention the mounted police on horse back and countless numbers of police cars up and down John Young Parkway the overtime pay for this little operation must be overwhelming.

With the entire jail surrounded and every exit blocked what do they do they let Ms. Anthony walk out the front door to a waiting vehicle this took approximately 15 seconds for her to exit the jail and disappear into the Florida night. Thank God this saga has come to an end I don't know how much more the orange County taxpayers could afford. I would really like to know how much money was spent for food housing and transportation for this woman the entire time she has been incarcerated I bet it's staggering.

We have been informed that the local government will try to recoup some of this money but you and I know this probably will never happena and for all the frivolous lawsuits filed by the cast of characters in this soap opera most will never materialize.

So as Casey Anthony and all our imaginary friends disappear into the Florida night we can only say goodbye and good riddance.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Spectacular police raid in Georgia

Stop the presses for breaking news there was a spectacular police raid by two officers in Midway Georgia. This officers while cruising on there regular patrol spotted three girls selling lemonade they quickly responded by swooping down and shutting down this illegal operation. Thank God we have brave police officers like this to protect us from the lemonade bootleggers. This dangerous lemonade gang did not have a business license or the proper permits!

The chief of police immediately held a news conference to announce this breaking news. Chief Kelly MorningStar said the police did not know how the lemonade was made who made it and what was in it. By the way chief MorningStar was in on this danger raid also. Not having the proper permits that cost $50 a day the three girls of the lemonade gang were shutdown and disbanded. There evil intent was to raise money to go to a water park but thanks to the diligent work of the Midway Georgia Police Department this was foiled. The gang of three are now doing yard work an extra chores to raise money for their water park trip. So citizens of Midway Georgia you may sleep well tonight knowing that chief MorningStar and her officers are on the job at all times to protect you against the likes of the lemonade gang.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The circus goes on

Yes that's right folks the circus continues I am referring to the never-ending Casey Anthony circus. Ms. Anthony will be released from jail this Sunday they have already put up barricades in front of the jail in case of demonstrators. I doubt very seriously if Casey Anthony will walk out the front door of the jail I'm sure her lawyers have made arrangements for her to leave as quickly as possible from another exit.

Her boyfriend has announced he will write a book about his relationship with Casey that should be a wild one. Also a producer in California as offered Ms. Anthony $1 million for her story and for the story of any people on the jury who want to come forward I am sure they will also be well compensated. It was reported on Fox news today that the public has been sending money to the jail for Casey her jail account has increased by $500 after being found not guilty most of the contributors were men.

It seems to me like most of the participants in this trial are coming out smelling like a rose the defense team can be seen giving interviews even the most junior members the boyfriend gets a book deal Casey gets a book deal plus a movie and I am sure George and Cindy will come up with the deal of their own so far the only one who seems to be left out is her brother and course little Caylee whose only reward was to be discarded in a swamp like a bag of trash.

But remember my friend in the end we all have to face the ultimate judge and I would not want to be Ms. Casey Anthony. She may in the end have a good life here on earth but life is short but eternity is forever when she crosses over justice will be done.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cindy Anthony no charges filed

That's right folks there will be no perjury charge filed against Cindy Anthony. That was announced today in an e-mail from the Orange and Osceola state's attorney's office our office will not pursue perjury charges. Even though Cindy Anthony did perjure herself by testifying she was the one on the home computer looking for chloroform. Her time card at work showed she was clearly there and her coworkers testified to that fact. In most cases the relatives of the defendant are not charged when testifying for their family member so this is not out of the norm. The lawyer for Cindy Anthony rejected the idea that his client lied to protect her daughter. I can only say in closing the Anthony women seem to be very lucky when dealing with the law.

Stop we had enough

Yes I say stop we had enough of all the Casey Anthony stories, rumors,and innuendos. It is being reported on the local TV station that there is now a book coming out in September titled inside the mind of Casey Anthony written by some psychiatrists who I doubt has ever spoken or examined Ms. Anthony. Now you have some of the jurors giving their point of view to anybody that will listen on cable news. All the drama queens and backseat lawyers on the social media sites are still hard at it trying to convince themselves and anyone who will listen of the guilt of Casey Anthony. Enough already we've had enough of this never-ending story move on get a life there's a whole big world out there.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Leon Panetta On Al Qaeda

Leon Panetta the incoming secretary of defense says there is a real possibility that the United States can defeat Al Qaeda. The key is to convince Pakistan to aid us in going after some key members of the terrorist organization. Pakistan has failed to stop terrorist attacks that originate on their side of the border and cross over into Afghanistan. If it is Leon Panetta's plan to get Pakistan to help us in any way to defeat Al Qaeda he should come up with Plan B because this is not going to happen. Many officials in the Pakistani government are sympathetic to the terrorist group. This has been proven by the simple fact that Osama bin Laden lived in their country for more than five years right under their nose. They say that they did not know that may be true but they should have known he was in plain sight living only a few miles from their military Academy in any case we cannot depend on these people Mr. Sec. move onto Plan B. I hope that Plan B does not include working too closely with the Afghan government as they are so corrupt you will probably have to to form plan C. The only way we are going to stamp out Al Qaeda is to do it on our own the same way we took out bin Laden.

With our country in financial problems and we don't need to be spending foreign aid money on corrupt politician and ungrateful governments we can get the job done ourselves and then pull out of these countries that hate us and leave them to their fate.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Farewell Atlantis

Today at 5 AM I filled my thermoses with coffee and drove over to Cocoa Beach to watch the last flight of the shuttle Atlantis. I thought I would run into a lot more traffic than I did but I was pleasantly surprised there really wasn't that much. After finding a good spot to watch the shuttle go up I begin to drink my coffee and wait for the 1126 liftoff. There was estimated to be around 1 million people at this event. As far as the eye could see on 528 W. was a sea of automobiles also waiting for the great moment. I have never been to a launch and truly enjoyed it this was a great site to see. It made you have great pride for our country. I was also a little sad that this would be the last launch. Now we will have to depend on Russian to put us into space at an astronomical price. I think NASA could've come up with a better plan than this we are the only superpower left in the world and should not have to depend on any country for anything. A lot of good people are being laid off from their jobs now due to this decision that is the last thing we need in this economy.

So as of today we really don't have a space program anymore we are just part of the Russian program this is a sad day for the men who were pioneers in conquering outer space and for the United States of America.

Monday, July 4, 2011



Green Card Status

Many women are brought to this country on a fiancée visa. Once they are here some unscrupulous men consider them their property and physically and mentally abuse them I guess this makes them feel powerful. They will threaten them that if they report anything they will terminate their green card status. First let us be perfectly clear that they cannot do this in any case they are the ones that brought you here and are responsible financially for many years even if they divorce the you. To apply for your permanent green card good for 10 years you do not need your husband's signature if he is refusing to sign and is in the process of divorcing you. I suggest that you must prove that your marrage was valid and you enter into it in good faith. You can also indicate that you were abused by your spouse and it would be a hardship if you had to return to your country. So don't live under this threat that you will be sent back to your country if your husband refuses to sign your paperwork they are many options open to you contact your local immigration office for more information.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Bachmann for president

Rep. Michele Bachmann announced today that she would be running for president of the United States. I think she has a very good chance of getting the Republican nomination in recent polls she is running neck and neck with Romney who is the lead contender for the nomination at this point. She is a three term Congresswoman from Minnesota she has a lot of charisma and appeals to both social and fiscal conservatives. She also has the backing of the Tea Party many of those running against her do not and this could play a big part in the race.If elected to represent the Republican Party in the presidential race against Obama I think she could do very well and beat him. She is very knowledgeable I think she could turn around this economic disaster we are in thanks to our commander in chief Barack Hussein Obama. I say let us makes him a one-term president by electing Michele Bachmann now this would really be a change we could believe in.

Hugo Chavez Sick in Cuba

There are reports that Hugo Chavez is critically ill in Cuba. The government of Venezuela is denying these reports they say that Chavez is well and will return to Venezuela when he is ready. Some have reported that Chavez as prostate cancer and being treated in Cuba for this. My question is are medical facilities in Venezuela in such poor shape that they can't deal with the health problem of their own leader. While he is in Cuba if we were lucky they could take out his vocal cords so we don't have to listen to all his BS.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Drawdown

Next month the administration will begin to draw down troops out of Afghanistan. All the pundits on the networks are making their prediction as to how many from 5000 to 10,000 beginning next month. I have noticed that most of the so-called experts keep saying we have to stay until the Afghan Army is properly trained. When you go into the American Armed Forces the normal procedure is you are training for about 16 weeks and then can be sent anywhere in the world including to the two wars we are involved in. As I understand it at this point we have been in Afghanistan for 10 years so what is the problem the troops of this country should be well trained by now. They do not need any more time and if they do that would be the problem of their government. Of course the corrupt government of Afghanistan wants to keep America there as long as possible we leave and the money is cut off. Have you ever stopped to think when you hear these generals saying we need more time I guess 10 years is not enough that they will be out of a job if there is no war. This country of Afghanistan needs to start defending themselves our job is done we should leave as soon as possible there's no need to wait until 2014. If they don't have the basics down by now they never will.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Ayman al-Zawahri

Ayman al-Zawahri will probably be the new leader of Al Qaeda. Zawahri who has a $25 million bounty on his head placed there by the American government will be trying to launch a spectacular attack to prove himself as a great leader and
also two avenge the spectacular raid on bin Laden's compound which resulted in the death of the most wanted terrorist in the world.

Al Qaeda has announced that Zawahri will be their new leader. US officials believe this announcement to be true but also added that it really doesn't make any difference and is not that important. Many Al Qaeda members do not care for Zawahri as he does not have the charisma of bin Laden and also because he is from Egypt. He will surely try to launch a large bloody attack somewhere in the world probably the United States. He also is probably hiding in Pakistan this could be to his disadvantage as his communications can easily be monitored and all so we have substantial information on his movement gained from the raid on the bin Laden compound. He has to be aware of the drone strikes taken place in Pakistan against Al Qaeda this will limit his movements in that country.

If you look closely at a photo of Zawahri you will notice a small circular type mark on his four head it looks to be about the size of a nickel. This will be a perfect target for an American sniper to aim at when they blow his brains out. So Mr.Zawahri being number one in the Al Qaeda organization does have its drawbacks so Mr. Z keep looking over your shoulder we are coming for you it is just a matter of time.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Weiner alert

We interrupt our regular blog session for a Weiner alert!! It has been reported that Anthony[ big boy ]Weiner has sent a Weidner Gram to a 17-year-old girl living in Delaware. So parents of America check your children's e-mail and and cell phones to make sure they were not on the receiving end of a Weiner Gram! We will now return to our scheduled blog.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Anthony Trial Update

Today was not a good day for the defense team of Casey Anthony! The state proceeded with its case against Casey by trying to prove her daughter was murdered and did not die by accident as the defense has claimed. They brought to the stand many credible witnesses most experts in their field.The chief medical examiner for orange county Dr. G as she is known was quite impressive as a witness. The defense team tried in vain to trip this woman up but to no avail.She testified that she did not know how the little girl was killed but for your sure it was not an accident and was clearly murder. When pushed by the defense to explain her theory she proceeded to blow their case out of the water. First if the child would have drowned by accident the people involved would normally call 911 she went on to say you do not put the body in a garbage bag wrapped duct tape around the mouth and throw it in the woods. The defense tried to argue with her but they were no match for this very intelligent woman. I think she just put the nails in Casey coffin. All in all it was a very bad day for Casey Anthony. In the end the defense team asked the judge for a mistrial of course they were overruled. Wake up people this is Florida not California!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Afghanistan withdraw now

Today on the TV there is a lot of talk as to how long we should stay in Afghanistan. I thought the mission they are was to destroy Al Qaeda and kill Bin Laden. We have killed Bin Laden and destroyed much of his operations there. The generals in the Pentagon seem to want to hang on for a few more years. I say let us get out now we've done what we came to do we don't have to rebuild this whole country for this corrupt government that is in power now. The Afghan people have been killing each other for hundreds of years our staying there will not change anything. I don't think this country is worth losing any more young American lives. Our military has done a great job there let us go home now and they can continue killing each other. If you would leave and come back in 20 years nothing would have changed they would still be at it. So Mr. President quit giving this corrupt government anymore of our hard-earned tax money. Let them sink or swim it really doesn't matter. Most of the people there I would say about 90% can even read or write and have never even tried to learn they do not deserve for one more American to die for them and their ignorant ways. They are living in the past many centuries in the past and that's the way they want it they will never be able to come up to the standards of the civilized world and they know that. So it is time to go let's get out of this godforsaken place.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Big boy

Anthony big boy wiener has really put himself in the hot seat. He came out yesterday in a news conference and admitted that he had lied about being hacked on his twitter account. He said he would not resign as he had not broken any of the rules of Congress. Most of the Democrats are getting far away from Wiener as possible. Many are encouraging him to resign soon as possible for the good of the party. Harry Reid said there is no way he can defend Anthony Wiener. Ask if Wiener called him for advice what would be his response. Call someone else was his answer. Nancy Pelosi has called for an investigation by the ethics committee of Congressman Wiener. I think it's only a matter time of before he will resign. There are more women coming forward with photos and messages from big boy. I don't think this is going away anytime soon. There is a report out today that his wife is pregnant with a little Wiener. We must feel sorry for her as she is one of the people hurt most by big boy's actions. The late-night comics are having a field day with this. Most Republican have not said to much about the situation this is the smart thing to do as Mr. Wiener is slowly self-destructing everyday. Look for a resignation in the near future.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

All is quiet on the front

Yes all is quiet on the front the Wiener front that is. Since the beginning of Wiener gate Congressman Wiener has been stepping on his. On the first day of wiener gate Congressman Wiener proclaimed that his twitter account was hacked by who he did not know. He went on with his explanation which just created mass confusion. On the second day he tried again to explain and also answer questions from the press this also turn into a disaster. So today all is quiet on the Wiener front. We anxiously wait for what is coming tomorrow good luck Wiener man.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Who hacked the Weiner

This is the question of the day who hacked the Wiener? On Friday Congressman Anthony Wiener's twitter page set out a lewd photo of the Congressman. Mr. Wiener immediately called a press conference and said that his twitter account had been hacked. When questioned by reporters from CNN and Fox news Mr. Wiener gave some very strange answer to the question such as was that you in the photo. The Congressman danced all around the answer and seemed to be upset that they asked the question. He never did confirm that he was the one in the photo.

Asked if they would be an investigation into this matter he seemed to blow it off by saying it was no big deal and that he would have a private firm look into the matter. Why would you have a private firm investigate this because if his account was hacked this is a federal offense. The FBI could solve this incident in about 24 hours. The FBI had no comment when asked if they were investigating the matter. There seems to be a lot of unanswered questions here. Either you sent the twitter yourself and that was you in the photo or not. Mr. Wiener does not seem to want to go there.

Congressman Wiener is very outspoken about many matters he is known as the pit bull of Congress in the past few days he seems to have lost his bite. Come on Mr. Congressman give the American people some straight answers don't be a big Wiener Mr. Wiener.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The privileged above the law

The privileged I'm talking about Congress and the House of Representatives they are members of the elite that seem to be above the law. Did you know that members of Congress can retire with the same pay after only one term of service. Members of the military must serve 20 years and then will receive only 50% of their pay this is a disgrace. The latest they have exempted themselves from the new health care laws in any form. These people truly feel that they are the elite of the country. The self-serving must stop now. It is time to investigate the good old boy network and start taking back our country from the self-serving bastards.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The clown of Congress!

In letters to the editor in my morning paper I came across a letter which stated seniors need Grayson to step up to Congress in other words bring back Allen Grayson to Congress. The writer was referring to Scott Maxwell's Sunday column[State takes elderly down a dark deadly path]. When Grayson was a congressman he stated when old people get sick, the Republicans just want them to die, the writer suggested that Grayson was right. He also stated according to Maxwell that the state relaxed regulations at nursing homes leaving old and sick people to just curl up and die. I don't think this could be true as there are many rules and regulations regarding nursing homes in the state of Florida. If these charges were true the appropriate agencies could come in and investigate the situation and punish the people responsible for it. Calling for Alan Grayson to return to Congress would not solve the problem in the first place he was beat soundly in the election. The people of his district were tired of being laughed at and made a fool of by his antics. So the question is Alan Grayson where are you can be answered by we really don't care just stay where you are out of sight and out of mind.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Over the weekend report.

We have had very many interesting events happened over the weekend. Gov. Huckabee has made a decision not to run for president. Huckabee was the governor of Arkansas from 1996 to 2007. He is also a political commentator at Fox news. The governor said the time was right for him to run for president but his heart was just not in it. The governor as built-up a media empire he has his own radio show and also talk show on the Fox news Channel. He is doing quite well for himself I don't blame him I would not want to give up all of this to run for president of the United States it just doesn't seem it would be worth it with all the problems that come with that job. He is also building a $2 million home in Florida. So I say good luck governor and more power to you and just sit back and enjoy the good life as I think you have made the right decision.

Donald Trump also announced that he will not be a candidate for president of the United States he said he would love to run but has too many business obligations. Sorry to hear this as I believe he would've made a great president.

Newt Gingrich announced over the weekend that he would seek the Republican nomination for president of the United States.Newt brings a lot of baggage with him on this quest. I think he is your typical politician that you will never get a straight answer to your question only talking in circles around it. The Republican field is very weak but I believe that Gingrich will not fare too well in this endeavor.

Ron Paul also announced that he will be a candidate for president of the United States running as a Republican. Mr. Paul is running in last place in the polls. He seems to be a great fundraiser but does not generate many votes. After watching him in an interview this weekend I can understand why when he proclaimed we should not have killed Osama bin Laden or that we even had the right to go after him this will not sit well with the general electorate this coming season. He does have some good ideas but he has some ideas that are way out there also. Good luck Mr. Paul as you definitely are going to need it.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Newt Gingrich in the race.

Former speaker of the house Newt Gingrich has entered the race for president in 2012. Many people think he has a good chance to beat Obama I for one am not so sure about this. This man comes with a lot of personal baggage. I have no doubt that he has the experience and knowledge to be president of the United States. I think the American people are really looking for new faces as they are tired of the same old politicians running for office he has been around a long time this may be one of the drawbacks. I don't think he is doing very good in the polls but of course it is so early that this can change very quickly. Take Donald Trump for example a few weeks ago he was very high in the polls now he has dropped to number five tied with Ron Paul. Gingrich is going after the evangelical vote. We have not heard from Mike Huckabee whether he will run if Huckabee throws his hat into the ring this will make it more difficult for Newt Gingrich. Only time will answer all of these questions.

On another topic I was reading in the morning paper and it was also on the national news that the Bin Laden family is thinking about suing the United States over the death of their father. This is perfectly legal in our country but don't you think on the other hand the almost 3000 family members who lost loved ones on 9/11 should sue the estate of the known terrorist Osama bin Laden. There is also a large estate in Florida that is owned by the Bin Laden family which they are trying to sell for millions of dollars I think there should be a lien placed on this estate as soon as possible. I think the remaining wives of Osama bin Laden should also be sued for any inheritance they would receive from the estate of the terrorist. Suing someone is a two-way street so let the games begin.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Son of a bin Laden!!!!!

Omar bin Laden has raised some interesting questions in the death of his father. We will try to answer some of them in this post.
Question: why was my father's body thrown into the sea? He was a person of importance and status among his people.

Answer: the sea is an appropriate place for a known terrorist and murderer to be buried. He was a person of importance and status only to other terrorist.

Question: was this burial at sea done humanely and religiously according to Muslim customs?

Answer: we believe that it was but do not really care because the people who died in the twin towers on 9/11 had no burial at all. Your father was directly responsible for their death and none burial. So we think that this bastard was given the appropriate burial.

Question: was my father armed when he was shot?

Answer: no he was not but neither were the victims of 9/11 when he murdered them again the appropriate action was taken and the results were gratifying.

There are many questions and answers about this saga that will come out in the future. But the bottom line is the world most wanted terrorist is dead and nobody really cares how it happened or how he was buried as he has no rights after the attacks on the United States on 9/11 the only thing he is entitled to is his place in hell which I'm sure he is enjoying now.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Van Jones

Until recently Van Jones was the advisor for Green jobs for the Obama administration. He had to leave this job when it was discovered he was a communist. He also signed a petition in 2004 accusing the Bush administration of deliberately causing 9/11 to happen. His involvement with the bay area radical group Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement{STORM} which has Marxists roots. This is the kind of people surrounding our president. The mainstream media seems to cover this man whenever he speaks why I don't know. So be on your toes there are many like him in the Obama administration.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


The main reason for the United States to be in Afghanistan was to hunt down and kill Osama Bin Laden. Now that this has been accomplished by the United States Navy it is time for us to go. Our mission in Afghanistan was not to be nationbuilding. It is not to build roads and schools and try to reshape the government of this country our mission is done Bin Laden is dead it is time to move on. The people of Afghanistan have been killing each other for many hundreds of years our being there is not going to change that. The government is corrupt and we're just wasting millions of dollars or let me say billions of dollars. It is a known fact that the brother of the president of Afghanistan is a known drug dealer. Let us pull all of our troops out of this corrupt country as soon as possible. Bin Laden is dead he should be entering the gates of hell about now. Let us declare victory and leave this corrupt and evil place. They will get along fine without us as they still have each other to kill.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Gas prices!

You don't have to go very far down the road to see that the gas prices are sky high. We are approaching four dollars a gallon. They say it could go to five dollars or even six dollars! The Obama administration says there is nothing they can do about it can you believe this! I don't believe Mr. Obama will be with us for a second term if gas hits five dollars a gallon. I also cannot believe the administration is still blocking drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska. We have to get off of this green kick and start taking care of the American people. Al Gore and the people in the green movement have money and and are making much more with their green plans so they could care less if the gas goes to $10 a gallon. The solution to this problem is drill baby drill. Some people say this won't solve the problem but I believe as soon as this plan was announced gas would immediately go down. This would be better than the Obama solution of doing nothing. So let us take a look at the Obama administration and remember that they could do nothing. We will show them what the American people can do in 2012 when we throw the bums out.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Trump versus Rove

The latest battle on TV is Donald Trump versus Rove. This began when Karl Rove called Trump a joke candidate. I think the only joke is Karl Rove. Karl Rove is definitely out of touch with the American people. For the Republican candidate for president he supports the same old tired worn-out faces of the professional politician. There are many considering a run at the president. Does Rove really think that a person like Newt Gingrich has a chance against Oman.

Donald Trump is on top of most Republican polls. The reason being he has new ideas, speaks his mind, and has a plan to deal with the world's problems. He has had international experience. When asked a question he answers it he does not talk around the answer and does not care if he is politically correct. The only other Republican that could possibly beat Obama would be Romney.

I read this morning that Franklin Graham was thinking about endorsing Trump if he decides to run. I don't think he is a joke candidate the only joke here is Karl Rove. So Karl take your worn-out ideas and candidates and retire as was suggested by Mr. Trump and take all these talking heads that agree with you on Fox with you.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


I don't usually watch MSNBC because they are so in the tank for the Obama administration. I was bored and begin switching the channels around to see what was on. I ran across hardball with Chris Matthews. He had on two guest one was Pat Buchanan. They were discussing immigration.He seemed to let the one guest who I can't remember his name speak freely I guess because he was agreeing with Chris. As Pat Buchanan tried to make his point Matthews constantly interrupted the poor man he could not get a word in edgewise. If you oppose any of Chris Matthews talking points why would you go on his show as you will not be able to express your opinion he interrupted so many times that I just change the channel. I guess that is why he has such a low rated show. Compared to Fox at the same time he is at the bottom. Maybe if he would quit shouting over his guest when they are talking his ratings might improve. I think he enjoys this so I guess he would just stay on the bottom.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sarah Palin

Will Sarah Palin run for president? We will probably have to wait till June for the answer to this question. I have been watching Sarah on many of the political talk shows she seems to have some good points and bad points like all the rest. But I do believe if she became our president it would be a good thing. She in a way is a lot like Donald Trump they both just tell it like it is. Of course they both will be hammered by mainstream media. She did have a solution to this problem on Fox yesterday she said why do interviews with networks that are already in the tank for Barack Obama I agree with this. NBC, CBS, MSNBC,and ABC will only try to bring her down. Chris Matthews on MSNBC made the comment that it was his job to make sure that the Obama administration is successful how much bias can you get than that. I think these news organizations are in for great surprise in 2012. That is when the silent majority will let them know their opinion. And I don't think it's going to be good for the present administration.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The National Debt

The United States spends about $52,000 a minute can you believe this? Now they want to raise the national debt limit. We are closing in on the national debt limit which is $14.3 trillion. They want to raise it by 2.23 trillion dollars. The reason given so we can borrow more money to pay the bills of our country. My question is why do we have to borrow money? The government takes in a lot of money they charge you for everything your taxes, immigration fees, licensing, and far too many more to list here. The last time we had a surplus was in the 1980s.

Why so much US debt? Under George Bush we raised the debt by $4.36 trillion. This was done to pay for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and he also made new tax cuts.

Under Obama we raise the debt by 3.9 trillion. To pay for the stimulus and there was less revenue coming in during the recession.

If you ran a business like the politicians run our country you would be bankrupt in short order we have to stop borrowing money and get our house in order. One of the ways to do this is start voting out the good old boys that are running this country for their own gain. I don't only blame Obama but also George Bush they are in the boat together. Let us take a look in 2012 to see who has to go from both parties we can't afford them anymore.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Good Old Boys

The good old boys are circling the wagons on both sides Republican and Democrat. What do they fear I will tell you in two words Donald Trump. Karl Rove says that Trump is a joke candidate. From the White House David Plouffe says there is a zero chance that Trump would be hired by the American people to be president. He also said he thinks Trump is a sideshow. Rove using the same talking points as the White House said the American people aren't going to hire him and certainly the Republicans are not going to be hiring him in the Republican primary. Trump told the Wall Street Journal he will probably run as an independent and win as independent. I have news for the good old boys the people of America are tired of the same old politicians Republicans or Democrats they are looking for something new and Donald Trump fits this bill. Trump leads all potential GOP presidential candidates by nine points in the public policy polling. Do we really need to elect a candidate picked by Karl Rove or Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid. No what we really need to do is elect a candidate that will give this country back it's respect. Donald Trump is a man who can do this so let's throw out the good old boys and their old ideas we need new ideas and a new type of precedent.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

High-speed rail.

For now high-speed rail is dead in central Florida. This is because Gov. Scott refused to take the money from the federal government that was already approved for high-speed rail. Was this a wise decision I don't think so. This could have created thousands of jobs and eased our burden on the highways. The people against high-speed rail say we can add more lanes to I-4 with this money. Yes you could add more lanes but then you would just have 8 lanes of traffic jams rather than 4. The rail was to run from Tampa to Orlando the people on the left say you can drive to Tampa in an hour and a half. This may be true if you do not run into a traffic jam from an accident which happens all too often on this route. High-speed trains in Europe have been very successful they could have been here to but were not given a chance by Gov. Scott. I understand he may also veto the commuter train planned for the Orlando area. If this happens it will be a giant step backwards. People like Gov. Scott do not have to worry about sitting in traffic jams as they are millionaires. But let us remember all of these bad decisions when he runs for a second term.

Trump part two

In the past days I have seen Mr. Trump on many of the Fox talk shows. I like what I am hearing from him. He is asking the questions that many people have on their minds but are scared to talk about. When asked a question he does not beat around the bush he gives you a straight answer you may not like it but he tells it just like it is. He has brought up the presidents past asking interesting questions about men that the president is associated with such as Bill Ayers Rev. Wright and Tony Rasco. Why has not the mainstream media been asking these questions to. It seems like networks like MSNBC want to cover up for the president. That is not their job their job is to report on the facts not cover them up. If you watch morning Joe on MSNBC there is never anything derogatory about Mr. Obama. It looks to me like they are in the tank for him. The only place you are going to get a fair and balanced report will be on Fox. Donald Trump has brought up this problem where the mainstream media completely ignore some of the stories about Pres. Obama that should be reported on. I think Pres. Obama MSNBC and most of the mainstream media are afraid of Donald Trump afraid of what he has to say and that the American people want to hear it. Like I said he tells it like it is he is not reading off of anybodies talking points. I am sure that these people will come after him in the near future as they do anybody who opposes the White House views. In closing I really hope Mr. Trump sticks to his guns and runs for president I can't think of a better man for the job to get this country back on track. So like I said before run Donald run most of America is behind you the new polls out seemed to indicate America is with you.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Trump for president

Would Donald Trump make a good president?
After seeing Donald Trump on Fox news for the past few weeks I do believe he would make a great president. When asked questions he gives you a straight answer without beating around the bush. He tells it like it is and you know exactly where he stands. He seems to have a policy on China, Saudi Arabia, and South American. When questioned about his policies he just tells it like it is you know exactly where he stands. This is rare in a politician but you see Trump is not a politician he is a businessman. This is what will make him a great president. He will not be a flip-flop like the president we now have. Many people write him off as a candidate but don't underestimate Mr. Trump so my opinion is run Donald run.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mubarak take the money and run!!

Cairo- Mubarak will not step down!!!

Mubarak is considered to have millions of dollars some say up to a billion. His people live in poverty and distress. I think now is the time for a good old palace storming. Mr.Mubarak the writing is on the wall take the money and run or you may end up hanging from a tree!