Monday, April 30, 2018

White House Correspondents Dinnner

President Trump made the right decision by not attending the White House correspondents dinner. Why go to a place where they obviously hate you.
Michelle Wolf the comedienne was the host for this event I found  her remarks to be vulgar  and personal against the Trump team.  I hope that next year president Trump  and his entire staff will not attend this  function as it is obvious  that these people are there just to insult  and make fun of our president  and his administration.  Her jokes were not  funny they were  disrespectful crude  and vulgar, but what do you expect  from such a person.  But when you come to think of it the late night comedians  are not really funny . Not like in times past when you had Johnny Carson  and Jay Leno these were people who made good jokes . They also made fun of the president's but not in a crude  and disrespectful manner as these losers  today.

President Trump blasted the White House Correspondents’ Dinner as an “embarrassment” to the country and said it's “DEAD as we know it,” in the latest fallout over Saturday night's crude comedy routine. We totally agree with you, Mr. president  this was fake news  at its best.