Saturday, April 30, 2011

Gas prices!

You don't have to go very far down the road to see that the gas prices are sky high. We are approaching four dollars a gallon. They say it could go to five dollars or even six dollars! The Obama administration says there is nothing they can do about it can you believe this! I don't believe Mr. Obama will be with us for a second term if gas hits five dollars a gallon. I also cannot believe the administration is still blocking drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska. We have to get off of this green kick and start taking care of the American people. Al Gore and the people in the green movement have money and and are making much more with their green plans so they could care less if the gas goes to $10 a gallon. The solution to this problem is drill baby drill. Some people say this won't solve the problem but I believe as soon as this plan was announced gas would immediately go down. This would be better than the Obama solution of doing nothing. So let us take a look at the Obama administration and remember that they could do nothing. We will show them what the American people can do in 2012 when we throw the bums out.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Trump versus Rove

The latest battle on TV is Donald Trump versus Rove. This began when Karl Rove called Trump a joke candidate. I think the only joke is Karl Rove. Karl Rove is definitely out of touch with the American people. For the Republican candidate for president he supports the same old tired worn-out faces of the professional politician. There are many considering a run at the president. Does Rove really think that a person like Newt Gingrich has a chance against Oman.

Donald Trump is on top of most Republican polls. The reason being he has new ideas, speaks his mind, and has a plan to deal with the world's problems. He has had international experience. When asked a question he answers it he does not talk around the answer and does not care if he is politically correct. The only other Republican that could possibly beat Obama would be Romney.

I read this morning that Franklin Graham was thinking about endorsing Trump if he decides to run. I don't think he is a joke candidate the only joke here is Karl Rove. So Karl take your worn-out ideas and candidates and retire as was suggested by Mr. Trump and take all these talking heads that agree with you on Fox with you.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


I don't usually watch MSNBC because they are so in the tank for the Obama administration. I was bored and begin switching the channels around to see what was on. I ran across hardball with Chris Matthews. He had on two guest one was Pat Buchanan. They were discussing immigration.He seemed to let the one guest who I can't remember his name speak freely I guess because he was agreeing with Chris. As Pat Buchanan tried to make his point Matthews constantly interrupted the poor man he could not get a word in edgewise. If you oppose any of Chris Matthews talking points why would you go on his show as you will not be able to express your opinion he interrupted so many times that I just change the channel. I guess that is why he has such a low rated show. Compared to Fox at the same time he is at the bottom. Maybe if he would quit shouting over his guest when they are talking his ratings might improve. I think he enjoys this so I guess he would just stay on the bottom.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sarah Palin

Will Sarah Palin run for president? We will probably have to wait till June for the answer to this question. I have been watching Sarah on many of the political talk shows she seems to have some good points and bad points like all the rest. But I do believe if she became our president it would be a good thing. She in a way is a lot like Donald Trump they both just tell it like it is. Of course they both will be hammered by mainstream media. She did have a solution to this problem on Fox yesterday she said why do interviews with networks that are already in the tank for Barack Obama I agree with this. NBC, CBS, MSNBC,and ABC will only try to bring her down. Chris Matthews on MSNBC made the comment that it was his job to make sure that the Obama administration is successful how much bias can you get than that. I think these news organizations are in for great surprise in 2012. That is when the silent majority will let them know their opinion. And I don't think it's going to be good for the present administration.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The National Debt

The United States spends about $52,000 a minute can you believe this? Now they want to raise the national debt limit. We are closing in on the national debt limit which is $14.3 trillion. They want to raise it by 2.23 trillion dollars. The reason given so we can borrow more money to pay the bills of our country. My question is why do we have to borrow money? The government takes in a lot of money they charge you for everything your taxes, immigration fees, licensing, and far too many more to list here. The last time we had a surplus was in the 1980s.

Why so much US debt? Under George Bush we raised the debt by $4.36 trillion. This was done to pay for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and he also made new tax cuts.

Under Obama we raise the debt by 3.9 trillion. To pay for the stimulus and there was less revenue coming in during the recession.

If you ran a business like the politicians run our country you would be bankrupt in short order we have to stop borrowing money and get our house in order. One of the ways to do this is start voting out the good old boys that are running this country for their own gain. I don't only blame Obama but also George Bush they are in the boat together. Let us take a look in 2012 to see who has to go from both parties we can't afford them anymore.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Good Old Boys

The good old boys are circling the wagons on both sides Republican and Democrat. What do they fear I will tell you in two words Donald Trump. Karl Rove says that Trump is a joke candidate. From the White House David Plouffe says there is a zero chance that Trump would be hired by the American people to be president. He also said he thinks Trump is a sideshow. Rove using the same talking points as the White House said the American people aren't going to hire him and certainly the Republicans are not going to be hiring him in the Republican primary. Trump told the Wall Street Journal he will probably run as an independent and win as independent. I have news for the good old boys the people of America are tired of the same old politicians Republicans or Democrats they are looking for something new and Donald Trump fits this bill. Trump leads all potential GOP presidential candidates by nine points in the public policy polling. Do we really need to elect a candidate picked by Karl Rove or Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid. No what we really need to do is elect a candidate that will give this country back it's respect. Donald Trump is a man who can do this so let's throw out the good old boys and their old ideas we need new ideas and a new type of precedent.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

High-speed rail.

For now high-speed rail is dead in central Florida. This is because Gov. Scott refused to take the money from the federal government that was already approved for high-speed rail. Was this a wise decision I don't think so. This could have created thousands of jobs and eased our burden on the highways. The people against high-speed rail say we can add more lanes to I-4 with this money. Yes you could add more lanes but then you would just have 8 lanes of traffic jams rather than 4. The rail was to run from Tampa to Orlando the people on the left say you can drive to Tampa in an hour and a half. This may be true if you do not run into a traffic jam from an accident which happens all too often on this route. High-speed trains in Europe have been very successful they could have been here to but were not given a chance by Gov. Scott. I understand he may also veto the commuter train planned for the Orlando area. If this happens it will be a giant step backwards. People like Gov. Scott do not have to worry about sitting in traffic jams as they are millionaires. But let us remember all of these bad decisions when he runs for a second term.

Trump part two

In the past days I have seen Mr. Trump on many of the Fox talk shows. I like what I am hearing from him. He is asking the questions that many people have on their minds but are scared to talk about. When asked a question he does not beat around the bush he gives you a straight answer you may not like it but he tells it just like it is. He has brought up the presidents past asking interesting questions about men that the president is associated with such as Bill Ayers Rev. Wright and Tony Rasco. Why has not the mainstream media been asking these questions to. It seems like networks like MSNBC want to cover up for the president. That is not their job their job is to report on the facts not cover them up. If you watch morning Joe on MSNBC there is never anything derogatory about Mr. Obama. It looks to me like they are in the tank for him. The only place you are going to get a fair and balanced report will be on Fox. Donald Trump has brought up this problem where the mainstream media completely ignore some of the stories about Pres. Obama that should be reported on. I think Pres. Obama MSNBC and most of the mainstream media are afraid of Donald Trump afraid of what he has to say and that the American people want to hear it. Like I said he tells it like it is he is not reading off of anybodies talking points. I am sure that these people will come after him in the near future as they do anybody who opposes the White House views. In closing I really hope Mr. Trump sticks to his guns and runs for president I can't think of a better man for the job to get this country back on track. So like I said before run Donald run most of America is behind you the new polls out seemed to indicate America is with you.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Trump for president

Would Donald Trump make a good president?
After seeing Donald Trump on Fox news for the past few weeks I do believe he would make a great president. When asked questions he gives you a straight answer without beating around the bush. He tells it like it is and you know exactly where he stands. He seems to have a policy on China, Saudi Arabia, and South American. When questioned about his policies he just tells it like it is you know exactly where he stands. This is rare in a politician but you see Trump is not a politician he is a businessman. This is what will make him a great president. He will not be a flip-flop like the president we now have. Many people write him off as a candidate but don't underestimate Mr. Trump so my opinion is run Donald run.