Sunday, July 28, 2013

Images Of Hanoi Jane

Hanoi Jane in person. Now you see why Vietnam Vets hate this woman. Do you think she deserves the Woman of the Century award from our President? Remember when Jane Fonda said this statement?: " POWs were "military careerists and professional killers" who are "trying to make themselves look self-righteous, but they are war criminals according to the law" . What a big slap to all Americans! Many are dead because of that war to defend our FREEDOM and here you are, sitting happily in the anti-aircraft gun of the enemy at that time?

1972 in North Vietnam, Jane Fonda was photographed as she was seated on an anti-aircraft battery. A controversial photo outraged a number of Americans. According to her autobiography in 2005, she wrote that she was manipulated into sitting on the battery. She had been horrified at the implications of the pictures and regretted they were taken. The DAMAGE has been done Hanoi Jane!

Jane Fonda

Pres. Obama is about to award Jane Fonda the  "Woman of the Century Award". Jane Fonda is a traitor known as Hanoi Jane by other veterans of the Vietnam War and she do not deserve any award! Instead, she should be put in prison or shot as a traitor to our country. During the Vietnam War, she traveled to North Vietnam and gave comfort and aid to the North Vietnamese. She visited prison camps where our military were being held and she ridiculed them while being filmed by the North Vietnamese propaganda machine. What a heartless woman.

Those soldiers were there to fight and protect our freedom while she went there to humiliate them! She was a true communist then, and still is. She posed with North Vietnamese troops for photos and there is even the famous one of her sitting on antiaircraft guns of the enemy. Of course, Obama is happy to give her an award as he is a borderline communist himself. Any reason to downgrade our country he's right there. I guess the next person to get an award from the White House will be Bill Ayers or maybe Jeremiah Wright. Fonda said the POWs were "military careerists and professional killers" who are "trying to make themselves look self-righteous, but they are war criminals." Tell it to the parents who's sons and daughters did not comeback from the war! Hearless Hanoi Jane.

Monday, July 22, 2013

On Florida Boycott

Now that the George Zimmerman trial is over and he was found not guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, many people are upset.

Many artist like Stevie Wonder who said they will boycott the state of Florida and any state that has a "Stand Your Ground Law". My say: We will not miss you Stevie if you are not coming to Florida and we will not be affected! 

You, Stevie Wonder should go to the city of Chicago where over the weekend seven black people were shot four of them died.  Every week in the city black children are shot down by other black children but, you don't speak up! Their lives matter too but, YOU remain deaf!  Where are you Al Sharpton?  I don't see you marching in the streets of Chicago. Where is Jesse Jackson to march JUSTICE for those teenagers who were killed in the streets in Chicago?  He must not have time to march either. They don't care at all!

 Any artist who has announced they will boycott the state of Florida, our answer should be to boycott their music and concerts. Most of these people are "has-beens" anyway including Stevie Wonder.  Have a nice day people and remember, boycott works two ways and we really don't need them.  They need us and they are a bunch of hypocrites anyway. One more thing Stevie, if you go to Chicago, don't forget to take your AK-47. Ron Emanuel's police force probably won't be able to protect you and they're not doing a very good job so far.

Thursday, July 4, 2013


The Egyptian army has  ouster, the president a member of the Muslim brotherhood from power. After days of demonstrations in Cairo by the people, the military has taken this action.

The people of Egypt want to be free . They do not want to be governed my sharia law.  This is a return to the 18th century. The Muslim brotherhood was stunned that this is happened to them but they should not be surprised as the Egyptian people are a modern society , and do not want to return to the past.

Pres. Obama also seemed stunned as he has always sided with the Muslim brotherhood and tried to appease them in many ways .  Judging by the banners in the crowd of demonstrators Obama is not a very popular figure there  also.   Our  president does not have any experience in foreign affairs  and this just goes to prove it.   Being of Muslim descent that he is of course he would side with the Muslim brotherhood , but that is not the will of the Egyptian people . So wake up, Mr. Pres. and try  to act like a world leader instead of a sympathizer  for the Muslim brotherhood who are dedicated to the downfall of the United States.