Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Political Talking Heads

Every day on Fox news and other cable networks you see these talking heads, giving their opinions on the political landscape. Last night I watch Karl Rove with his little eraser board tell us why Donald Trump will not be elected president. How could he be a Fox news contributor when he is running a multimillion dollar super pack to elect the good old boy candidate for the Republican Party. He is obviously biased. Have you noticed most of these so-called political experts have backed the losing candidate. We have to take what they say with a grain of salt. Rove while of giving us his statistics did not mention the good old boy candidate Jeb Bush was only at 6%. They always say, 2016 is very far off, and we have a long way to go. Well, that works both ways. That gives Donald Trump more time to improve his unfavorable to favorable , and for Jeb to continue his fall in the polls.

To change the subject little bit do you realize  that every day Barack Obama  days as president  become fewer and fewer.  When he is gone with him  will go the crooked  Justice Department, IRS, and the Veterans Administration . I'm sure the new president  will clean house on this bunch  of politically correct  bureaucrats.. I don't think we will see the likes  of race baiting  Al Sharpton visiting the White House anymore  or these  anti-American Muslim groups   and radical clerics  or black lives matters, representatives  having a revolving door at the White House .  So stand up America let the silent majority be heard  and let us take back our government from these political  correct idiots  that we now have running our government.. They talk about the Latino vote and the black vote  will now it's time for the silent majority vote  that is registered to vote and throw the bums out!!

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